Honey, I shrunk your budget

That hit me on a bright sunny morning. The news that my hubby had shrunk my monthly budget. And then it turned gloomy.


I should have seen it coming.


I’ve made the leap to go part-time. I woke up one day and thought to myself, ‘what, another zombified morning, and I still have to get dressed and go to work?’ (Now, I know a lot of mums out there make it to work despite nights of broken sleep. And if that’s you, I don’t know how you do it, but you have my utmost admiration.)

But then, it’s not JUST the tiredness. It’s also the growing desire within me to spend more time at home coaching the kids.

Vera is fast turning 3, and I’ve been feeling like I can barely keep up with her developments. She’s showing greater interest in craft activities, music and dance, story-telling, and is starting to identify familiar alphabets. And the fact that she spends the bulk of her week in childcare really gets to me at times.


I’ve been feeling a little ungrounded, like you know, feet off the floor kinda feeling. And I think it’s because I haven’t had my daily doses of quietness. Ever since the arrival of baby J, the days have been a mad rush, like a long sentence punctuated only by nap times, and I don’t reach the full-stop until midnight.

I feel like I need to catch my breath. And my daily time-out. It allows me to know I’m alive. Instead of just going through the motions.


I leaped.

After the leap, I ding-donged between pure exhilaration and fear. Excited about the prospect of being a bit more ‘free’, but oh so fearful about the dent in our income. Will we struggle? Will this stress the hubby out?

I was also worried about how my colleagues would feel, and whether I would still be able to pull my weight.

Amidst all that worrying, a soft voice within me reminded me that though I can’t see the future clearly, I know the one who leads me, and he has a good plan and purpose for me.


I’ve accepted. My new title. My new working hours. My shrunk budget.

I know I’ll survive.

I think.

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  1. errol says

    Hey June, Victor!

    When we affirm that God puts kids in our lives to be a blessing, it seems right and proper to enjoy those blessed times and relationship as much as we are able.

    And God is really big on Family and relationships where parents teach their young, to honor God (we are doing a study on Deuteronomy – there are so many reminders for parents to teach their children)

    If we forsake the wisdom of the world (must have double income in order to survive) and trust in God’s blueprint -blessings are found in family, I do not believe that we will find anything lacking.

    May God’s spirit continue to stir up faith grounded in His Word to live a life that will glorify Him!

    • says

      Hey Errol, thanks for those encouraging words! Indeed, we do need to intentionally set aside time and put in effort to teach our children, in all senses of the word – from imparting the right values, to the usual academic stuff. Otherwise (and I can testify to this) it’s ever so easy to let things slide, and let the kids learn from other sources.

      Yes, we shall not be in want! =)

  2. says

    I believe our children are more important than chasing corporate dreams and ever-increasing income. As long as you have enough, the moments you’ll be there for will be worth it all.

    Good on you for making that leap!

  3. says

    Great post June. I’ve learnt and am still learning to trust in God and surrender my worries to Him. I think you’ve made a wonderful decision to go part-time and spend more time with your kids. Time with your kids: learning with them, watching them grow up, just being with them – truly rewarding. It actually beats getting a big fat bonus πŸ˜‰

    • says

      Thanks Germaine, it’s a life-long journey isn’t it, learning to trust God that is. πŸ™‚

      While staying home / working part-time may not be plausible or even desirable for some, it does provide that extra time and space with our children. That said, it also doesn’t mean that a working parent can’t be a great parent.

      I’m just thankful to be able to work out such an arrangement now, when the kids are young. And yes, I hope the rewards will be far-reaching too! πŸ™‚

  4. says

    I made that big leap last year when I decided to be a full time stay at home mum. We weren’t sure if we’d get by, but we did. With God’s grace. He made that we have enough, sometimes even more than enough. ANd the time I got to spend watching and tending to my kid is priceless. So good on you for making that leap! =)
    I’ve recently gone back to work…part time! I think part time arrangements are heaven sent. Win win!

  5. says

    How wonderful you made the big leap. Time spent with your children is something money can’t buy. Our family has struggled financially on a one-person income, but the benefits overall have been simply tremendous.

    I love the verse you quoted, as well as the one in Deuteronomy that encourages us to teach our children about God and His ways while walking, sitting, standing, lying down, etc …. You can do that even more now!

    • says

      I’m so encouraged by your story. I guess when we consider the struggles in light of the long-lasting (and eternal) rewards, they do seem to pale in comparison.

      Thanks for the reminder to teach my kids in the ways of God, mama J! πŸ™‚

  6. says

    Kudos to you June!

    I can totally identify with that feeling – and sometimes that still small voice within is all we need to prod us on,

    I am sure you will find this a very rewarding season.

  7. says

    Congrats on taking the plunge to go part time. I had the same struggles before I decided to quit my job and be a SAHM. I have never regretted my decision and never looked back…it is only when u are willing to submit fully to the Lord in His leading for your life then u will realise how much more He has in store for u. Trust in Him and I am certain that He will not disappoint u!

  8. NerdyMum says

    I’m envious! I can’t wait for the day I go “part time” hahaha.
    (altho I’ve taken the leap to “go back to school” as a delay tactic for the hubby to get used to the idea) :p

  9. says

    Congratulation on going to part-time:). I like!

    Considering my girl’s P1 next year & not putting her into after-school care, I did propose for flexi-working hours… or part time or anything that is not 8.30-6 daily.
    But, think I have to pray hard to get his concessions… coz in other word, boss is taking up part of my work load…

  10. says

    Incidentally, the day you wrote this is the day I started my tenure with my current company. 6 months on, how is this working out for you? I hope to be able to make the leap one of these days too πŸ™‚

    • says

      Hey Alicia, it’s working out pretty well for us, and I was just mentioning to my hubby yesterday (over breakfast) how blessed we are to be having a leisurely breakfast on a weekday morn. It’s indeed given me space to focus on family (and yes even personal dreams), and mere words can’t express how grateful I am.

      I think God knows our heart, our desires, and when we commit these to him, somehow he will make a way for us. I’m praying that that time will come for you!

  11. says

    Sorry, I’m a tad late but this is really awesome. I have also have those feeling of β€œfeet off the ground” sort lately. I just feel inadequate as I spent lesser time with Ally and put her in the care of my mum. My mum is great but I often wish I can be the one to parent her instead. It definitely takes a lot of faith and courage. We are sorta banking in on my hubby’s Pilates business and hopefully when that soars, it can take me away from the corporate world.

    • says

      Hey Yvonne, I can relate to those feelings of inadequacy. At one point, I remember feeling quite jealous of the bond that my girl and my mum shared. And I also wish I could be the main care-giver for my kids — 3 years down and it’s still on my wish-list! But you know, we do the best we can in any given circumstance, and I’m sure you’re doing your very best for Ally. I hope to hear your good news of your own leaps of faith, in time to come! πŸ™‚

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