The family portrait

family portrait

This is a portrait of our family.Β It was taken “accidentally” after church one day. Which explains why everyone looks so casual, so natural. It also explains why Vera has got a cookie in her hands.

Allow me to introduce you to…

The fun daddy – he’s the one who makes the kids laugh. On a normal day, you will find him dancing, Β tickling, roughhousing with the kids, and thinking of outta this world stuff to entertain himself me the kids. I think the kids have (at least one is proven so far) inherited his funniness and rhythmic moves on the dance floor.

The foodie godpa – ‘nom’ is his secret middle name. On a normal day, he would eat 2 organically grown pears, half a watermelon, a box of durian, a tub of ben & jerrys, and some royce chocolates. Nothing that gets in the fridge stays there for very long. The hungry caterpillar in human form, he will certainly teach the kids how to enjoy the best foods in life, and in the most efficient and ergonomic way.

The gentle warrior godma – don’t be fooled by her demure looks, for she’s really a warrior in disguise. She knows her passions in life, and relentlessly pursues them, and it’s usually not for herself, but for the greater good. She will teach the kids to fight for the things they believe in, and she will be at battle alongside them.

The babbler – if there was a contest for babbling babies, he would certainly make it to the finals. He babbles at both humans and inanimate objects, especially when they reciprocate with noises of their own. Heck, he even makes noises with his bottom. But that’s another story.

The “boss” – I’ve shared about her boss traits before. And though I’m tempted to, I won’t do it again. Suffice to say that I’m fine with her playing boss for now, so long as there’s no doubt in our minds about who’s…

The real boss – me. What else did you expect? Okay well, here’s the disclaimer: I’m also fully submissive to my loving hubby (who’s probably reading this and going ‘HAH!’). We’ve got our own territories marked out so by God’s grace alone, everything works. πŸ˜‰

There’s our little family.

What I love about this shot? If you haven’t noticed, the daddy and me have got our hands…


Yes, for once, we didn’t have to fumble with the little ones’ hair in our faces / fingers up our noses. Hahaha. Or as Daddy puts it: “We look like extras in this photo!”

All made possible by great godly godparents like these. πŸ™‚

With such traits of greatness, our kids are gonna end up as funny-foodie-gentle-warrior-babbling BIG bosses. And boy, I sure look forward to seeing that day.


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  1. says

    What a lovely post and such a great happy family picture. I much prefer the casual type family pictures rather than the formal ones.

    You know what, you guys look like a bunch of siblings (except foodie godpa maybe, don’t tell him); so youthful looking!!

  2. says

    I may have read this post 20 times. Last night, I blurted out the first paragraphs to Foodie Godpa when he asked to read the post. πŸ˜›

    Lovely post Junie. I am greatly encouraged by your words too. Yes, we will be shoulder-to-shoulder in celebrations / battles.

    Love you much

  3. says

    @Kiddothings – Thanks! Wow, youthful…haha sometimes it’s easy to forget when you’ve got babies in the house!

    @Ruth – Thanks dear, you’re the best godma in the world! πŸ™‚

    @Ai Sakura – Haha, I wish…

  4. says

    Hi June.

    NIce to meet you at the Sneak Peek event yesterday! ^_^. Your blog looks great too and that is a nice family portrait you have there. Bookmarking this page for future visits. Have a great week ahead! ^_^


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