Things that made me go ooh in Greece and Turkey

This is us on our honeymoon in 2008. First stop – the Acropolis, Athens.

At the base of the Parthenon – one of the main buildings on the Acropolis. See how huge they are? I look like an insect. I think it took something like 15 years to complete this particular structure alone.

Ooh. I can still taste the sweetness of the tomatoes oozing within my mouth. The meats were good too, but the tomatoes were absolutely the best I’ve ever eaten.
grecian fare

Besides columns, we also saw lots of naked statues. Had to censor this one, just in case your kid is peering over your shoulder…anyway I have no idea why I even took this picture! I look sheepish standing next to that thing. I meant the statue. What were you thinking?

From Athens, we took a ferry to Santorini. An arduous 8-hour journey. But it was worth it…Santorini was a dream!

santorini scenes

As we were there during off-peak season, we felt like we had the entire island to ourselves. We just drove around in our rented buggy and beach- and cafe-hopped all day.

Then, in the evenings, we would enjoy the sunsets that Santorini is so known for.

santorini sunset

Next stop – Turkey. We stopped drinking coffee and drank red tea instead. They had it nice and strong and in little glasses like these. (Here’s hubby giving his mark of approval.)

tea in turkey

This is part of the dome of Hagia Sophia – a church that was turned into a mosque after the Ottoman Turks invaded and conquered the land. Thus the interesting juxtaposition of mother Mary and Jesus with Islamic writings on the wall.

Hagia Sophia

Finally, we stopped over at Qatar on our way home for 2 days. There wasn’t much to see or do there, so we went dune-bashing, which basically involves riding up and down the sand dunes in a jeep driven by a male equivalent of a mad dog high on tequila.

I threw up halfway through, which seemed to satisfy our mad-dog driver. He went slower from thereon.


PS,Β it was really hard to squeeze our honeymoon experience into a photo-post limited to 10 pictures, so I hope you don’t mind me sneaking in an extra one. (Forgive me,Β Stasha! :P)

This kingly throne was spotted in our hotel at Qatar. Apparently, rich people could get a bit of royalty treatment by sitting here and getting their shoes shined. But I’m quite sure no one uses it now, except for a bit of photo-taking!


There! Hope you enjoyed some of our most memorable moments! It’s hard to imagine we have travelled 3 years down the road from when these pictures were taken, and we now have a toddler and a baby. Hmm…I think we need a second honeymoon! πŸ™‚

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  1. says

    You two really know how to honeymoon! Yes you should do it again, soon!! You look so tiny, even next to the statue. And I don’t think one can have his sneakers shined πŸ˜‰
    Thank you for joining me in this special edition of listicles, means a lot!

  2. says

    What great memories of your honeymoon captured in these pictures! I could almost imagine myself being in that jeep driven by said mad dog high on tequila – I feel like throwing up right now.
    I certainly need another honeymoon too!

  3. says

    In case you’re confused, mom2kiddos is me and it will lead you to my wordpress blog which I was messing around with. I forgot to logout first. In case you’re wondering, no, I’m not moving over to WP. I was just checking it out πŸ™‚

  4. says

    Wow! Wow! That to countries are on my list of places to visit, one day. An yes, I couldn’t agree more with two adorable munchkin you guys need another honeymoon.

  5. says

    I would love to go to Greece – to see all those ancient ruins. I had no idea they were so big…that makes them all the more impressive. What a honeymoon you too had! Lovely.

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