What to do when your baby falls off the bed

I wish I could say that this post is NOT in any way linked to a real-life event. But it is. Okay, I’m a bad bad mummy. How could I have let that happen?

Anyway, from that horrid experience that never-should-have-happened, I’ve picked out 10 things to share here, although I really hope from the bottom of my heart you would never get to use them.


Here goes.

1. Don’t panic. Pick the baby up from the floor and calm him down (assuming he’s wailing his head off).

2. Resist the temptation to knock your own head on the floor just to find out how painful it is. Resist.

3. While you’re at it, resist crying or banging your head against the wall too. General rule: If it doesn’t help you, it will not help the baby.

4. Look for bruises or other signs of injury; make a note of the colour and size of the swelling.

5. Use a cold compress if the swell looks nasty.

(Note: only do this when baby is calm; NOT when he’s still wailing his head off. If he protests and wriggles when you use a cold compress, it’s actually a good sign.)

6. Call for help if you’re unsure of what to do, and preferably from a family member who’s usually calm and cool-headed. Husbands / dads are unusually good at this.

7. Call a doctor if your baby is very young/vomits/exhibits obvious changes in behaviour. (E.g., if he used to be able to sit by himself, and now he can’t.) If he seems okay, just keep monitoring over the next 48 hours. If you notice anything unusual during this time, call the doctor to make sure. Use your mummy instinct.

8. Don’t leave your baby on the bed anymore. Especially if there’s no one around. Especially if he’s a very active baby. And especially, particularly if he’s a boy.

9. If you absolutely have to, use barricades. AND a baby monitor so you know when he’s awake and are near enough to make sure he doesn’t do anything funny.

10. Pray. (This should actually be No. 1.)


In case you’re wondering, JJ is fine. He had a red patch (not raised) on his forehead immediately after the fall. And I used a cold compress on it (for 5 whole seconds, as I endured his wriggling and cries of protest) and the next day, there was barely any sign of a bruise. Amazed? I am too. And I can only thank God for that!

Here are two articles that I found helpful:

– Healthline – What to do when baby falls off the bed

– Babycenter – What to do when baby gets a bump



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  1. says

    June, my little guy was rolling from one end of a room to the other by three months, so I never left him anywhere… plus I was paranoid. BUT… he did fall down an entire flight of stairs once. So scary… so I know how you must have felt! Good idea, giving people these tips!

  2. says

    I have this weird concept that ‘Every baby must have their first fall’, so please feel too bad about it! For both my kids, after their first fall happened, I tell myself ‘Great, it’s happened! Now everything’s gonna be great from now onwards!’ Very ah-Q, but no choice right? =P

  3. says

    I am sorry you have fodder for this list but it will help others. My boy felt while climbing out of his bed when he was about 1. Never heard a louder thump in my life. He was fine, I needed a drink…

  4. says

    It seems like every baby will surely have 1 ‘fell off the bed’ rite of passage! My son had his first fall when he was 3 months old. Was really loud as we heard the thump from the living room with the televison on too! Was really afraid cause he was wailing and wailing. Thankfully there was no bumps or anything serious. After that he had a few more incidents, heh but always nothing serious. Like what you’ve mentioned, keep a lookout for bumps or swelling and if there’s no unusual behaviour, it should be fine!

  5. says

    I have tried the “hitting the floor” just so I know how pain it is. :p

    On the height-tip, that’s probably because the distance from the surface to floor is proportionate to the length/height of the baby and hopefully (??) the legs can touch the floor first, softening the impact as opposed to a free-fall? I’m also guessing.

    BTW, one more tip to add, is DO NOT let the baby go to sleep straight after. monitor for 1-2h.

    And another, also try NOT to repeat the story when they grow older because then they will ask you non-stop why they fell off the bed and “why mummy never protect me?” 🙁

    • says


      Yea, that crossed my mind too…better chance that a leg or arm could hit the floor first…guess that makes sense huh.

      I have also come across the tip about not sleeping after. But just find it sooo hard to do, I mean wouldn’t the baby just want to sleep after the ordeal? But I appreciate the logic behind it though, the fear of a head injury leading to coma. *shudder*

      And…does this mean I have to delete this post? 😛

      • says

        yups so you can properly monitor for vomiting or after-effects after the fall. if baby sleeps, then u can’t really monitor for the signs.

        no need to delete cuz by the time they can read, they probably can understand :p (password protect maybe haha)

  6. Darienna says

    Good to know Javier’s ok.. 🙂

    Incidentally (& quite unfortunately), my boy fell off my bed this morning too.. Scary as my bed is abt a metre off the floor.. Thank God all he has to show for it is a bump on the forehead and is still his usual happy & greedy self..

    • says

      Thank God he’s ok. It’s a big relief when we see they are well and acting their usual! Yup, I too think mattresses are the way to go…at this stage. The fall is a good wake-up call for us eh?

  7. says

    Happened to me countless of times! I can only thank God for His amazing grace that she got away without even a bruise on her head.. Just pain and shock which she reacted by wailing the house down. Thankfully no other side effects too after close monitoring. God protected her from her newbie mummy! Haha 🙂

  8. says

    Haha! I had to laugh at #2. I think I did that when my boy rolled off the bed at 4 months while I was getting his bath ready. My girl fell off the bed when she was about 6 months. She fell back first as she was sitting up. Now, what does that say about me – BAD BAD mommy! I panicked with both AND prayed like I never prayed before! 🙂

    • says

      You know what? Knowing that we’ve all been through this gives me an amazing sense of comfort, albeit in a warped kinda way since it’s not something to be proud of. I initially struggled with posting this, but am glad I did!

  9. says

    If this makes you feel better, I’ve to tell you that all my 3 kids fell off the bed before. Boys do seem to be more active. But then, my youngest, now 11-month-old baby girl has fallen off the bed 3 times. So what does that mean? Either this is really common, or I’m a really terrible mother! 🙂

    As for not placing baby on a bed taller than them, I’ve heard this rule before. I think if they fall off from a height shorter than them, it’s not that serious. That’s what I heard.

  10. Miranda says

    Omg…I’m so relieved that I’m not the only one this has happened to. Although, I don’t like the circumstances of it. My 15 month old fell off my bed while I was looking in the mirror and had my hand on her leg…it happened so fast! She screamed for a few minutes then was trying to fall asleep (I wasn’t letting her,,and honestly I was freaking out.) then she was fine, no bumps, bruises or bleeding. She’s never getting on my bed again!

      • says

        The whole height that is because any height greater(usually 3x their’s) than that of the person is cause for. Significant(severe) mechanism of injury. In other words if you or I were on top of a house and fell off or if the baby lands straight on top of their noggin off bed. Thought my two cents of insight might clarify what the doc said

  11. Rosa says

    O my.. my babygirl just fell off bed today! I cried more than she did! I will monitor her for the next couple of day…she seems fine. No bruises or bumps! But I am sooo sad and my hubby words keep repeating in my head, “Don’t turn your back on her now that she is rolling!”

    • says

      Hi Rosa, I’m glad to hear your baby girl is fine now. It’s been months down the road, and I still can’t quite forget that fateful evening…I never let him sleep on the bed by himself after that!

  12. Ann says

    OMG, I should be rewarded the most horrible irresponsible mother of the year. Our only baby daughter fell off our ensemble bed after a nappy change when I turned around to throw the nappy into the nappy bin. To my horrid, my poor baby lying on the carpet crying hysterically. Knowing then i knew she hit her head a metal front of the dial heater. I didnt know what to do at first except to try to console her sorrow cry. She settled down after 10mins with a cold compression pack. I then rang the parental helpline (adelaide) & they suggested to monitor her for the next 2 days or for my peace of mind to take her to see the local dr. I tried not to let my baby sleep after a fall, which was really hard because she was due for a sleep. I took for to the went after hours doctor & reassured me that all children falls at some point. Some would fall more than others. But no words can soothe my neglected behaviour I just made a few hours ago. Dr have told me to monitor our baby for sign of drowsiness, vommiting etc. writing this just made me feel more angrier than normal but writing this to let others know being a mum/parental is not easy as all. I try to do my best being a first time mother but this experience has cost me a heartache the pain she endured that moment of the fall. I wish I could turn back the time!! I just pray to god-please let our baby be ok & healthy. Cursed me for what I’d done!

  13. Wendy says

    Thank goodness that all the babies are doing well! A great blessing from the angels!

    I come across this blog while googling “baby falls off from bed”. Yes, my 5 months old baby fell off from my 0.6m high bed. It’s certainly a negligence from me… I’m a terrible mum as I’ve never expect my baby could do a 3-4 flips since he is put on one end of my bed.

    My heart shattered… I’ve myself to blame…. I’m to be cursed for it!! It’s been 24hrs since the fall and I’m still monitoring for any unusual behaviors, no bumps no sore no bruise though. I prayed for his wellness…. With exchange of mine.

    And yes… Mine’s a baby BOY!

    • mamawearpapashirt says

      Hi Wendy, thanks for sharing. I know you must feel terrible, but I’m glad to hear that there hasn’t been any unusual behaviour and not even a bump or a bruise. Take care!

  14. Anne says

    My 8 month old baby fell off from our bed a few hours ago. I just feel so bad I cried more than he did, and even cries until now when ever that thought comes to my mind. Our bed is pretty high, that me myself has to use a stool when I was pregnant to climb on it. I know I should never have leave him there sleeping, or at least make sure that I surround him with big pillows that he couldn’t have climb over to. And what makes me more guilty is that I let my husband put him to bed. I should have done it myself so that I can be sure that he is safe before I left him there. I am so grateful to God that He kept my baby safe. He just cries for a while, then he’s back to his normal self. No bruise, no bumps, I praise the Lord for that! It just break heart knowing he experienced pain and shock when he fell. And I am so disappointed to myself to let him first experienced that before I ever learn!

    • Jeet Tamang says

      Hi Anne,

      I know its such a terrible feeling to see your baby fall. My baby girl too fell yesterday and my wife had a tough time consoling her…i am afraid my daughter has some internal injury as she was not able to move to her left or right. Massaged her body and now she is able to move little bit.

      My wife and I are really cursing ourselves for letting this happen though not intentional. Pray to God that she would be fine as soon as possible without any serious injury.

      Thank God that your son is safe n sound. Praise the Lord for keeping him safe…

      Off all the post, I guess I am the only Father or husband put up the comments amongst so many Mothers.

  15. Jeet Tamang says


    My 11 months old daughter too fell of from the bed yesterday. Her mom was busy arranging the wardrobe and the next thing she hears is a loud thud!!!!!

    She was crying very badly and hardly slept the whole night. Though she slept, she would get up every 30 minutes and cry. I noticed something she was unable to life both her arms. Is this something I should be worried about? Should I take her to the doctor for a check up?

    Please help me….my wife and I am very scared after the fall she had.

    • mamawearpapashirt says

      Hi Jeet, so sorry to hear that. If it still bothers you and if she still seems to be in pain, perhaps it will be better to get her checked, just in case and also to put you and your wife at ease. Praying that your little girl will be well again very soon.

  16. Geraldine says


    I felt less worried with the tips you shared. My baby just turned 2 weeks old, and while I lay her on my chest for burping, I felt asleep and then suddenly I heard a LOUD sound, and I cried when I saw my baby on the wooden floor. I picked her up and I was crying so bad. I can’t imagine her falling off from the bed. We went to the hospital immediately, and we were given instructions: monitor the baby for 2-3 days for signs of vomiting, irritation, and sleepiness.

    Until now, I keep on thinking about the incident, I am a very irresponsible mother. All I could do is pray that my baby will be okay. I kept on monitoring her for those sign… T_T

    • mamawearpapashirt says

      Hi Geraldine, so sorry to hear that this happened around the turn of a new year. I wouldn’t be too hard on myself though I can absolutely relate to the guilt. Do take care, and I’m praying for your little one too. Godspeed.

      • Esha says

        Omg …… My 11 month old son jus fell off the bed an hour ago we were both sleeping and I guess he was sleep crawling . I herd a big thump and wen I turn on the light and saw my baby on the floor I wanted to cry with him . He seems to be fine a lil bump . I tried to keep him up but he jus wouldn’t stay awake since he fell while he was sleeping…… Can’t believe he was right next to me and I let my baby fall.he didn’t cry very long he jus wantd to go back to sleep . I know I’m not suppose to let him …… Soooo it’s an all nighter for me cause I most deffently can’t go to sleep after that . I’m up monitoring him til he gets up. He seems to be fine but I’m a first time mom…… My baby I can’t take it, I m more hurt then him for sure!I’m jus praying he’s ok.I really needed to vent!!!

        • mamawearpapashirt says

          I know what you mean when you say you’re more hurt than him! Take care, Esha…I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine!

    • blueangel says

      Hi Geraldine, I feel your pain. Pray that all our babies will be safe & sound. Did the hospital do a head scan for your baby?

  17. Pie says

    I (loving Daddy) christened the baby with a small drop while exiting the car whilst in baby seat (belt untied – story in itself). Handle swung to incorrect angle and baby dropped out without me even noticing before hearing wifes screams.

    Last night the wife let baby fall from the bed with no obvious damage.

    In a sick way, feel we are even now. Especially after the constant nagging of ‘watch the babies head’.

  18. ody says

    my baby fell today for the first time he will be 6 months in 2 days i was so scared and cried i feel like a horrible mom but its nice reading that im not the only one that this has happened to thank God that hes fine he only cried for less then a minute so im guessing hes fine because hes laughing and playing and i checked him and hes head and body look fine reading what you wrote made me laugh and made me feel better

  19. says

    umm, so my baby fell off the bed a couple of nights ago. i had him sleeping and then we just heard a big bang. next thing you know my baby starts crying and i freak out. i found him laying on his right side. his little head had a swollen bump. im a first time mom so any little things scares me to death and my little boy has jus completed 7 mnths. so, the following day we noticed he started stretching his little arms as in asking to hold him and started kind off air head-banging. im worried that it may be a result off that night or if its just a new one of those habits? help!

  20. jackie says

    My 3 month old baby boy fell today :'( i know it happens to everyone but i still feel so bad . Everything happened so fast tho both him & i were on my bed its about 1 foot 1/2 off the floor so i placed on the pillow & i was sitting by his feet both watching tv i turned to look at him n turned dwn cause i got a itch on my leg next thing i knew i see his little body fall :'( it was horrible i dont even remember how he fell or if he hit his head hard i got really scared pucked him up n held him close & tight for comfort just kept saying sorry to him i cried he cried for about a minute n i started to pray immediatly he felt better stop crying n just stared into my watery eyes ♥ i checked his body n head fine laid him on his bed n he started moving his legs n arms like crazy smiling and laughing reassuring me hes fine i thank God for not letting anything bad happen

    • mamawearpapashirt says

      Hi Jackie, I’m so glad to hear that he’s fine. Things can happen so fast, isn’t it? Motherhood is such a 24/7 responsibility…Take care!

  21. says

    I just stumbled throughout your weblog as I was searching on Yahoo. I choose to thanks for using the time to share your feelings on your blog. I will make sure to bookmark your site for long term reading through.

  22. Victoria says

    So glad I saw this. My six month old son fell off the queen sized bed early in the AM today. I was changing his diaper, and when I went to throw away the dirty diaper in the diaper bin I heard a loud THUD, then came the crying…I was so scared! I still am a little worried, I stayed calm though, cuddled, and coo’d him till he calmed down. He seems fine, no bumps, no bruises, he was smiles after, and blowing raspberries again…I felt so horrible, I still do…

  23. Sushi says

    My 4 month old son fell off the bed this morning.
    So much for being the paranoid parent. I had placed pillows around the bed and he crawls from
    under my feet and falls BETWEEN THE PILLOWS! I’m still shaking although he seems fine.

  24. Kriestein says

    Oh my!! This blog is truly a sigh of relief to me. Our 10 month old sonny has fallen so many times while standing, sitting on floor and the most dreaded scene while lying on bed. The off bed fall makes me feel I shud fall from a bldg. Once he fell of the bed while I was just beside him and the second bed fall – the biggest nightmare to me, in his sleep. At 4am in the mrng. Omg!! And everytime he has only hit his head at the back. He is fine thou after all these falls. Very true point that boys should be extra monitored!! I just have one doubt. Won’t these falls especially in my case always back of his head affect him in future or so? I might sound Over imaginative but his falls in the last 2 months makes me paranoid and think so. Pls advice.

  25. KatrinaSky says

    Thanks so much June.
    Little Eli is six months and my heart hit the floor when he did. This post helped to settle me. Which helped to calm him. Thank you.
    Thank God.

  26. don carlo alincastre says

    Hi my sister really worried about her baby almost 3moths old she was all day how bad she or how she let it happen her baby fall off the bed her baby was crying when she pick it up and we saw a swelling part of it after 48hrs we brough her baby to ospital (we live in rome and we are strangers in this country that we afraid they dont give us good treament) so they took some blood test and a ct scan and theres this monitor doctor says 3 days you can go home they just there is a skull fracture and it will heal they said and they worried about the blood cloth on the head if its get biiger they gonna do some operations but thank it didnt get bigger now we are home tis is the second they at home and we are still worried they just let us live without saying if the baby is ok or what just a big question

    They baby head is still swelling we dont if swell alot or it is healing been 5days past seens the accident

    Hope anyone can give me some tips even I I cant sleep welll thinking the baby if shes ok

  27. Tmommy says

    my babygirl is two months en she fell on my bed today, i was sitting with her balancing her with a pillow and i only turned away fo a few minutes to open her swing for her, when i turned back she was on the floor face down, i was in my room with my 9 years old son and my son was crying when he saw all this happened, she cried for less than a minute, she was playing and smiling, im jus monitoring her for now. I feel like i am a bad mother, my husband is out of town and i dont think i will be able to tell him as he will blame and judge me to be a bad mother, it happened an hour ago and cant sleep just thinking about it

  28. Sandra says

    Omg. My baby fell like two hours ago off a 2.5-3ft bed. He’s almost 8 months and the floor is hard but he fell on his back with his head fell on the diaper bag. He’s acting normal he just fell asleep. But I’m so worried I’m a teen mommy so I feel horrible! My mom is making me feel bad saying I should’ve been watching him better. But he slipped on a leather jacket on the bed! It happened so fast:( I really hope he is okay…

  29. C. Pogue says

    My daughter who is now three fell off a bed three times in one day under my ex husband’s care and turned out fine, no swelling or anything and she was about four and a half months. Now today just a few minutes ago my five almost six month old son fell off of my bed and landed on my daughter who was sleeping on her princess couch. Poor little Guy got scooped up in half a second and wasn’t even crying!

    FYI the baby still sleeps in my bed and has been sick since last week. I barely get sleep because I jump at every cough, so when he went for his fall I had just fallen asleep. The only thing that had woken me up was his cough and that it wasn’t next to me!

    No more bed for him! Crib!

  30. kate says

    hi my son is turning 3 months in 2 days he fell from our bed an hour ago .. I feel so guilty because he was crying so I took him out of his crib , layed him beside me with him being on the edge of the bed I was holding his bottle with one hand and the other was around him then I fell asleep because I was so tired doing the laundry that day the next thing I knew I was on my feet screaming at my husband while picking up my boy from our hard floor , he cried for less than 5 mins then went to sleep again , I tried to check for bruises or anything so far I haven’t found any . I feel s guilty I’ve been crying for an hour now ;'(

    oh and btw this wasn’t the first time he fell frpm our bed , when he was like 3 weeks old my husband fell asleep when our son was lying on his chest , I was able to bring him to the e.r. after a few hours where I was judge as a horrible mother so now I dont know if I’m going to bring him to the e.r. or not

  31. Cathy says

    I think the height of the baby tip has to do with the fact that once they start walking, it’s a given that they’ll fall and so their craniums are made to sustain falls from that height…my baby just got christened yesterday…not by the Church but with her first fall :p iss there any getting over that mother’s guilt??

  32. Liza says

    thanks for the good tips. am such a terrible mommy! my 2.5 month baby fell of from my hand. i was sooo sleepy at 2am & trying to make him burp. Daddy was so deep in sleep & didnt hear me calling to take over. my poor boy fall asleep on my shoulder and i might have fall asleep too. the next thing i realize he’s already lying down on the floor, screaming…switch on the light, pick him up and calm him down. yes, i wanted to do point 2 & 3 badly. we managed to calm him down and he fell asleep on daddy’s shoulder. then i sat on the bed trying to figure out what or how it happened, how he fell. and i cried to sleep. daddy is being cool as usual, but i sooo wanna take him to see doctor. am i too much???

  33. charlotte says

    I’m still shaky now.. my 9 month old boy fell off from our bed a few hours ago. He usually sleeps in his crib but he was feverish last night so I decided to let him sleep beside me. It was 2 am when my husband and I woke up to a loud thug.. he cried for a few minutes, then, back to his smiling self again.. after having been in the receiving end of curses from my husband for being an irresponsible mother, and the trauma of my son falling, I can no longer get myself to sleep. Been monitoring him for two hours now..praying he will be ok..

  34. Rachel says

    Came across this page while looking for advice on my 8-month-old son who just fell. We’ve been sleeping on a futon in his room while I organize my room, and I was letting him crawl around on it while I tidied his room (he’s mostly just scooting and can’t go very fast… Well at least that’s what I thought…). I got up to grab something from the hall, and I hear a soft “thud,” followed by wailing. I suspect he somehow managed to quickly scoot to the edge, got up on all fours, and rocked forward a bit too far. Honestly, he cries worse for teething pain, and just seemed more upset and shaken than hurt. The futon is only about a foot and a half off the floor, and the carpet under it is very soft, but I think he fell RIGHT onto his head, and I just feel so awful… He’s nursing right now, and trying to take his nap, but I don’t think I should let him… There is no bump yet, and he stopped crying after a minute or two, and I let him play for a couple minutes to see how he did. He seemed like he could move everything, but started crying again after a minute of being on all fours. It’s just so scary!! But I always think back to my friend who dropped her BRAND NEWBORN onto the hard hospital floor the day she was born, and that little girl is just fine 🙂 And if there is forgiveness for that, there’s forgiveness for all the little (or even big) falls too.

  35. Suzanne says

    I’m so glad I came across this page. My son rolled off the bed at 5am this morning, my own fault and I feel so terrible. I brought him I to bed to nurse, I would normally put him back in his bed but I fell asleep. And then we were woken up my a huge bang, it took me a second to realize what it was and my husband came running to my side of the bed to scoop him up of the ground, and shouting what did you do? Which then resulted in me screaming like something out of a horror movie lol. Anyway we cuddled him and he stopped crying after a few mins, and he was smiling like nothing happened. I held him while he went back to sleep an hour later because I was terrified he would stop breathing or something. He is up and playing right now, can still sit up etc, but I will be watching him like a hawk all day. I feel like such a terrible mom, bit it’s comforting to know I’m not alone. I’m glad your little one was fine.

  36. mimi says

    Hi guys! My 1 year old just tumbled from the bed and I found myself here. Nice to know I’m not the only one! I just wanted to point out to the mama comparing her baby’s fall to her falling off a house. The force of a fall is determined by the weight of the object. The lighter the object the less force on impact. Which means there’s actually significantly less force on impact when your baby falls from the bed than when you fall from the bed. This gives me some comfort! (Physicists please correct me if I’m wrong on this – high school was a long time ago!!)

  37. Angel says

    My 11 month yr old baby fell of my bed i was so stupid not to be paying attention to her she cried for a while then she fell asleep after is it fine or do i need to take her to a doctor ?

  38. Myrah says

    Thanks for the tips here:

    I was really blaming myself until now. My baby fell off from bed when he’s 2 weeks old. I didn’t know how he did that. I picked him up right away. I really do believe that Angels exists. Wanna know why,?? My baby was not touching the floor. He was like holding the wire of the phone charger and he didn’t cry. He was just sleeping as if someone is holding him. I was crying and I did not know what I’m gonna be doing. I just hugged my little angel tight. I felt nervous everytime, I remember that situation. He is 6 months old now, and thanks God that nothing happened to him. He was very okay and charming. He is so adorable and very cute when he talks “mama and “papa”. He can also crawl now.

  39. Leez says

    Im a new mom and l feel so horrible just about an hour ago was playing with my son throwing him in the air and l missed catching him and he fell l really feel like an irresopomnsible mum he cried and he fell asleep he fell by the back of his head and he’s not swollen l can’t help feeling bad I’m still shacking and l keep checking his temperature he seems okay he even smiled but l CNT help feeling bad

  40. says

    My 7 month old took quite a fall off the compactum 2 days ago. He fell head first. He has a carpet burn on his little nose and a big bruise on his forehead. I noticed today that he has a bit of swelling above the bruise on his forehead. I’m not sure if I should take him to see a doctor. (The swelling only started today) He seems fine. He’s playing, shouting, running around in his walking ring and jumping in his jolly jumper. He’s also still eating very well. He seems fine but I’m worried as it was a very bad fall. I’m a new mom and everything scares me.

  41. Antoinette says

    My baby fell from a very tall bed and unfortunately her head hit the ground direct as she was trying to pick up something. I put towel in hot water and use on the head as I was confuse of what to do. Is that safe?

  42. worried dad says

    i fell when I was a couple years old head first on a hard floor. my mom took me to the hospital she knew something was wrong because I never cried like that. I had a scan and it determined i had a concussion. I tell my wife to be careful with our baby our bed is very high I tell her all the time be careful. I don’t want my babies brain to bounce off the inside of her skull and bruise. I buy DHA in the baby products to help her brain be smart I wouldn’t want to undue all that in 2 seconds. Just one concussion can lead to a decrease in brain volume.

  43. Rashana Hardin says

    my son have fallen off the bed at least 5 times. The first three times he was sleep and he likes to sleep very wild. he recently fell off the bed yesterday because he was trying to get off the bed front ways instead of foot first. I am a first time mom so I’m really still getting use to the fact that my son is extremely active and I mean extremely. But I feel so bad after it happens and he don’t keep wailing he will do it for at least 2 minutes and he goes back to what he do ever single day.

  44. Gloria says

    My 4 months old daughter fell from our bed just now. I heard a loud thud and cry, I jumped up from my sleep to pick her up faced down speaking in tongues meanwhile cuddling her.she immediately became calm then I saw her swollen upper lip and faint blood I simply applied menthol rub and gave pain relief syrup because i don’t have any ice pack to use, I breastfed her then she became active talking to me like she was explaining how she fell.LOL.then I continue to breastfeed her to get back to sleep.now she’s sleeping soundly.too scared to tell her dad who is out of town ….will tell him in future or in lighter mood or situation.

  45. says

    my baby fell down by babnging head many times..but nothin hapnd..thank God..but recently fall down frm sofa by banging head..he cried… nd he bcm quit..no swell was there…aftr few minutes..i gav fud..den he vomits once…aftr that he was okkk…is der anything to worry since he vomits once???

  46. mamawearpapashirt says

    Hi Jaana, I hope your baby’s alright now, and that he showed no further signs of distress. If there are more signs that you’re concerned over, I think it’s best to consult a doctor.

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