I see your true colours shining through

I’m a big fan of accidental beauty.

Vera was playing around with some colored stones that ah-ma-nai-nai (what she calls god-grandma) gave her the other day. Together with the daddy, Vera managed to piece together a little rainbow!



She repeated after her dad, learning the colours that make up a rainbow. I paused for a moment to take in this little arc of wonder right before my eyes, and the happy smile on her face. By the way, do you know that a rainbow is actually a sign of God’s promise of redemption to Noah and all of humankind?


This made me think of Cyndi Lauper’s song True Colours.

I see your true colours shining through
See your true colours
That’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colours
Your true colours are beautiful
Like a rainbow


To my dear little ones,

Don’t be afraid to let your true colours show. Don’t live your life trying to prove something to others, or trying to be someone else.

Our God has created you as a unique individual. On days when you feel imperfect and lousy, just remember that He is the Potter. He will continue to mould and shape you with each passing day, and every waking hour. But only if you allow Him to.

You are His work of art, and that’s the way I choose to see you too.

Love, mama

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