Mummy? She blogs. (An interview with a toddler)

My blog turns 1 today! Yes, I have my first post to prove it.

To mark this special occasion, I have here an uncut interview with a very special guest. Yes, she’s my most loved daughter. The one and only. Vera.

Take it away, girl.


Interviewer: Why does your mummy blog?

Vera: Because she likes to write about me and di-di (little brother) lor. Di-di is very cute, he can’t talk yet, but he makes lots of noises and he likes to blow bubbles out of his mouth. Boootttttt boootttt…like this. I think she likes to write and share her thoughts…or maybe daddy and me don’t listen to her enough. We are always playing!

Interviewer (wiping saliva off her face): Do you know that your mum’s blog name was inspired by something you said about her wearing your papa’s shirt?

Vera: Izzzzzit? (clueless, starts to look around for a distraction.)

Interviewer: Ahem, moving along… Where does your mummy find time to blog? Isn’t she supposed to be busy working and looking after you kids?

Vera: Mummy plays with her phone all the time, so I think she uses her phone to blog.

Or maybe she blog secretly when di-di and I are sleeping…my mummy is so naughty, she’s supposed to sleep with me, but she goes to blog instead. So naughty one.

Interviewer: Okay…so you think your mummy is naughty.

Vera: Yes. So naughty. Vera is not naughty, I’m a good girl. I sleep at 8 and wake up at 7, mummy says I must sleep early every day.

Interviewer: So…do you wish that she spends less time on her blog and more time with you?

Vera: Noooo? I wish she will buy me more gummies and biscuits and sweets.

You want gummies? I ask her to give you…but you must be a good girl hah? Eat already must brush your teeth hah?

Interviewer: ???

Okay back to the topic. How do you feel about your mum sharing so much about you on her blog?

Vera: I like to see myself on the computer. I think I look very pretty.

Interviewer: Yes, you are quite sweet.

Vera: Noooo…I am not a sweet. I am preeetty. You want sweet is it?

Interviewer: Erm, no…never mind.

Vera: I think you need a sweet.

Interviewer: !!! I think I just need to lie down.

Vera: You want to sleep? Okay, lie down, I pat you okay? Softly okay?

Interviewer: …


And that was the end of a very short interview session with the lovely, almost famous, almost 3-year-old Vera. Thanks sweetie-pie for making this day so special for mama, and for being such a BIG inspiration to me. I mean it. It’s only because of the funny things that you do that life (and this blog) gets its colour.


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  1. says

    Time flies (literally) when you blog. My blog has become my memory-bank, , looking back when kids grow up, their fave t-shirts,outings etc etc.

    Happy 1st B’day to your blog, and hope you have more Fun blogging 🙂


  2. says

    Happy one year anniversary on your blog. You were one of my inspirations to start a blog and I’m enjoying every moment of it. In fact some parts of the interview sound familiar to me, like sneaking out to blog when I really ought to get more beauty sleep. But having the blog as a journal to look back on the parenting journal priceless. I just need more eye concealer.

  3. says

    Just saw this post. DARN CUTE! love the way she responds, way too smart for a less than 3yo. Kids, they are so amazing right?? =) All the best and keep blogging!

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