Papa is so good, he’s so good to me

Vera recently started sunday school at church and one of the first songs she learnt was ‘God is so good’.

Just the other night, we were singing the song together before going to bed, when suddenly she broke into a different version of the song:

Papa is so good.

Papa is so good.

Papa is so good,

he’s so good to me.

I marveled in my heart, not because this is something new (I am rather used to her mangling, twisting, and playing around with the words of her favorite songs), but at how it happened. We were walking to the door of our house as she wanted to “check if papa has come home”. And as she was singing her personalised song, guess who arrived just in time to hear her singing it?


It was daddy’s golden trophy moment. He greeted her with a beaming grin on his face, and she jumped into his arms, like a joey back into her mummy’s pouch.

Back in the bedroom, as I waited for this funny little girl to finally give in to sleep, I realised how divinely-inspired her choice of words were, in light of the original song. After all, our earthly daddies are meant to reflect the love and goodness of our heavenly Father. And when papa is ‘good’, it can really help a child to understand and come to know of God’s goodness as well. Right? 😉

daddy's gal

And here’s the original song:

God is so good.

God is so good.

God is so good,

he’s so good to me.

Lord, as I look upon my little ones, I really do come to see you in a different light. And to appreciate your goodness in a different way. And to see the love of your Father’s heart for me, and my children.

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  1. says

    Right 🙂

    It’s truly special because you know it comes straight from the heart of an innocent child. No hidden agenda, not saying it just to let somebody hear it… well, you know what I mean 🙂

    Have a good CNY celebration!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

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