21 ideas on how to celebrate mother’s day

Mother’s day is just round the corner. If you’re thinking of doing something different, something other than the usual family dinner affair, here are some simple ideas.

1. Take the whole family on the duck tour

2. Fix a dinner date for her and dad. And I mean JUST her and dad.

3. Whip up a wholesome, home-cooked meal (honestly, it doesn’t matter if something gets burnt, it’ll still taste like a slice of heaven to your mum. Just make sure there’s chocolate cake for back up, and it should be all good.)

4. Promise to do the dishes and laundry for one whole week (you actually have to DO IT!)

5. Book a family photo shoot

6. Make her a mini photo album (best to use your baby photos; every mum loves looking at pics of her babies, especially when they’re all grown up already…)

7. Give her unlimited passes to “15 minutes all-by-herself time” (multiple passes can be used at any one time)

8. Make her a blessing jar

9. Book her into a cooking/baking class (Check out ToTT and So EZ Cooking Studio. Even Phoon Huat offers simple baking / cake decorating classes.)

10. Go on a weekend stay-cation (or if you’re game enough, try staying on a farm)

11. Book her in for a pampering session at the spa

12. Sign her up for a dancing class, or if she has two left feet, buy her a musical instrument (a ukulele perhaps?)

13. Write her a list of 10 reasons why she will always be the love of your life. Present it in a photo frame for keepsake.

14. Make her a vintage rose pin 

15. Make her breakfast in bed (the best part? Everyone gets to hop into her bed and chomp it down together!)

16. Adopt a pet from SPCA

17. Compile your favourite recipes and make a recipe book (remember to include some of her favourite food too)

18. Get artsy – check out this list of art jam studios in Singapore.

19. Get a new hairdo together – the works: perm, cut, color, and treatment

20. Buy her a new pair of shoes, though she may insist she doesn’t need one (every girl needs a new pair of shoes. When it comes to shoes, every woman is a girl.)

21. Make her a funny fridge magnet that says something like: “If your kids are giving you a headache, follow the directions on the aspirin bottle, especially the part that says ‘keep away from children'”

Ahem, okay kiddos, for the record, every day should be mum’s day. And really, for me, a big hug and many kisses, and maybe a nice cup of coffee, will be enough to make my day.

What’s on your wish-list this mother’s day? Here’s wishing all mums a blessed mum’s day! 🙂

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  1. says

    so… should the hubby present the 10 reasons on why *she* will always be the love of his life to his mum or the mum of his kids??


  2. says

    Ooo I like #8,10, 11 and 13! But good for me, I’ll be away for a holiday this Mother’s Day. So that’s my Mother’s day treat and might I add, a well deserved one. Haha.

  3. says

    Thanks for this list of great ideas, I was just wondering if this year’s Mother’s Day will be another dull one for my mom, I would definitely look through the list very carefully again and pick out one for her. My favorites for me though are 13, 15 (with my recent obsession with making myself healthy breakfasts, it will be nice for a loved one to make a good breakfast for me for a change), 17 and 18 (the art bug session sounds really interesting).

    • says

      I really hope you and your mom (and well, the whole family really) spend a really memorable one this year. After all, how would life be without all the precious memories that we create… 🙂

  4. says

    Was thinking of getting the man to take some portrait shots of my mum, Dumpling and I and frame it up too and make it into a yearly thing. That would be a mother’s day prezzie not just for my mum but for me too. 🙂

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