A wonderful weekend awaits

I was looking forward to a wonderful weekend, so it’s a pity I’m kinda stuck indoors because of an imminent flu. But don’t let me stop you. Go, fly with the wind, bring the kids out and have a ball. It’s the weekend!

As I type, the kids are out at the corridor, chasing bubbles and each other. I should join them soon. Meanwhile, here’s a recap of June. June has been a joyful month, a birthday month (for me), and a funny month. JJ¬†turned 13 months in June, and his cheeky playful self has started to manifest more fully.

He loves the playgrounds, or actually wait, anywhere where he can let loose and run and tumble about. His sister loves to jump on one of these trampoline things, while the poor fella wonders what’s going on.

Here they are, our lovey dovey duo. I love to watch them grow, and admire how the big sister adores and cares for baby bro!

Vera loves to play too, by dancing to music. I like these pics of her, they remind me of Lady Gaga.

We’ve also been painting the house red.

I decided to strip baby boy down to his diapers, so it’s easier to just dump him into the bath when he’s done. Here’s our topless painter.

Isn’t it easier when we simplify things? Strip things to the bare bottom? Until what’s left has got to be the most essential thing? I think staying home puts me in a philosophical mood. I better get out to join them now.

Enjoy the weekend!

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