What I will miss if I die today

This Monday Listicles is inspired by Nora Ephron’s list, of what she will miss and what she won’t. You might think it’s a tad morbid but I think it’s a meaningful exercise, and it really helps to put things back in their proper places.

10 things I would miss if I die today:

  1. My kids (Vera’s hugs and JJ’s chuckles and baby smells)
  2. My hubby (and his hugs and kisses)
  3. Walks in the park / romps at the playground
  4. My girlfriends
  5. Chocolate cake
  6. Writing love letters
  7. Bak-chor mee
  8. Funny prayers
  9. This moment

10. And this

10 things I would NOT miss if I die today:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. My to-do list
  4. High heels
  5. Work clothes
  6. Crowded MRT trains
  7. Creepy crawlies
  8. Cleaning poop from other people’s bottoms (I know my kids are not really “other people” but still.)
  9. Heat. Perspiring. Sweatiness. Smelly feet.
  10. Hunger pangs at 11.30pm

I also asked myself, would I miss blogging if I died today?
I think the answer is ‘No’.
I think I would be too busy enjoying heaven and all of its wonders…to even think about blogging.

I was tempted to put “being woken up by a crying baby at 4am” as one of the things I will not miss. Then I thought…wait a minute, it’s actually not that bad, when you compare it to the prospect of never to be woken up by anything ever again…

It’s funny how death seems to put things in a different, more real, perspective.

You know…
Writing this post had 3 immediate effects on me:

  1. I gave my kids a big hug and kiss
  2. I gave my hubby a tight hug
  3. I thanked God that I am still alive

What will you miss most when you die?

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    • admin says

      I’m sure they’ll miss you more than they’ll miss your blog! Hey, my hubby tells pretty funny and sometimes lame jokes too… :p

  1. Elizabeth says

    Wow, June, I’m actually afraid to do this exercise. The thought of it makes my heart ache a bit. It was very brave to put yourself through this.

    • admin says

      Hey Elizabeth, thanks for your note. It’s not as scary as it seems…of course, there was a sense of reality sinking in, that one day it will actually happen…but in a way, I’m actually thankful. Helps me not to take the little things for granted. And reminds that the little things are usually way more impt than the big ones.

  2. says

    Love this post! Thanks for sharing. As I read on, I too think of what I would miss if I died today. It would be 1. My husband (his playful nature), 2. My children (Grace’s gentle smile, Job’s cheeky face, their bear hugs and sweaty smell) and 3. My children calling me “mama”. 4. My parents. Hmm.. can’t think of any other than these four. Oh! maybe my sewing machine and lovely fabric too!

    I like the peek-a-boo photo.. so sweet 🙂
    jean recently posted..:: it’s mid-week!My Profile

    • admin says

      Thanks for sharing too, Jean. You reminded me of how I enjoy hearing the kids call me mummy too. If I were half as good as you with sewing and fabrics, I would miss them too. 😉

  3. says

    I honestly was going to say exactly what Jackie just did before me. Also those two photos are right about perfect. You have. Great eye for photography, I really like your IG feed too!
    Stasha recently posted..Monday ListiclesMy Profile

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