Our trip to Hay Dairies Goat Farm

We’ve been drinking fresh goat’s milk from Hay Dairies since Vera was about 2 plus as she has an intolerance toward cow’s milk. Soy milk doesn’t go down that well either.

When we started supplementing breastmilk with formula milk for her, she tried lots of different milk brands but to no avail. Finally, we settled on Karihome goat’s milk formula, and it was all good. That was how we started becoming goat’s milk fans.

Now, as I’m still breastfeeding JJ and he ALSO has the same intolerance, both Vera and I rely on goat’s milk for our calcium intake. The farm delivers island-wide every Tuesday morning at 6am, and two 800ml bottles (costing $8 each) last us till about Sunday.

Because goat’s milk is so much a part of our lives, we decided to make a trip down to visit the goats! We had fun and even made some new discoveries about these caprines. Trot over to An Accidental Home-schooling Mum to find out more!

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