The curiosity of children never fails to put a smile on my lips. Well sometimes they also bring frowns especially when the curiosity brings them to places dirty or dangerous.

JJ is at a particularly curious and touchy-feely stage – everything is explored through touch and taste and grubby fingers. He loves to show off his new finds by stuffing them in your face, eagerly waiting for your eyes to light up and match his own.

The kids’ curiosity is contagious. It affects us all as a family, and nowadays we often find ourselves stooping by water ponds or under big sturdy trees just to check out the creepy-crawlies or big black ants going about their everyday busy business.

They have opened my eyes to a beautiful and different world. My world is bigger now, and I daresay it’s because of them.

Kiddos, I pray that your curiosity will grow with the years, and be accompanied by wisdom so that you don’t go poking your noses into places where you shouldn’t go. May you always keep your eyes open, keep asking questions, keep exploring new ideas and insights. May you always ask “why” and never accept an answer that does not satisfy.

Have a curious weekend exploring your neighbourhood, friends!

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    • mamawearpapashirt says

      They really are a lot more observant than I am…makes me wonder if it’s because we’re so distracted and busy as adults.

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