Out of the box with CitiBlocs

We’ve been playing CitiBlocs – building blocks that are made out of wood and precision cut. Each piece of wood is exactly the same size and extremely evenly cut, so that they can be stacked quite easily and yet remain stable!

Vera’s been enjoying it. She can build and build for as long as 30 minutes by herself – with a few occasional drop-ins from us.

She’s been building stuff we’ve never seen before, like this thing below that looks like a cage. We asked her what it was and she replied that there were some yummy sweets inside the cage!

I asked her to try breaking the cage down by pushing down the first block and to see if it will topple the rest. It did! She was pretty pleased…maybe because now she can get to the “sweets” easily. 😉

I also guided her to build this simple tunnel. We then ran a little car through the tunnel to see if the car would be able to go straight and not hit any block. It was good fun, until her little fingers managed to topple all the blocks accidentally that is. Oops!

The hubby recently hopped on the building bandwagon. Here’s a pyramid he constructed.

Uh oh, here comes the destroyer. We gave JJ a little soft ball and ask him to throw at the pyramid structure. He hit the blocks down on his first try! Boy…was he ever so happy.

What I like about CitiBlocs?

– it’s open-ended and your children can build whatever their hearts desire (good for budding storytellers too as they can tell a story about what they are building)

– it’s fun (especially the toppling part)

– it’s suited for all ages, so everyone in the family can play

Guess what? My friend Pamela is giving away 1 box of CitiBlocs (100 pieces, in hot or cool colours) to one blessed reader. Just do the following:

1) LIKE the My First Games’ Facebook Page
2) LIKE mamawearpapashirt’s Facebook Page
3) Leave a comment on the picture of Vera on My First Games stating whether you would like to win the hot or cool coloured CitiBlocs.

That’s it! Contest ends on noon of Christmas eve, so hurry join in the CitiBlocs giveaway now! 🙂

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====== Contest is now closed ======

The winner is comment #10: Elizabeth Khoong. Congrats Elizabeth! Please drop an email to Pam at myfirstgames@rocketmail.com with your name, address and mobile contact number, and she’ll be in touch shortly.

Thanks for joining in and have a blessed Christmas everyone! 🙂

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