The missing mum

I must admit I’m not quite fond of taking photos.

My hair’s usually in a mess and sometimes I don’t smile properly. It doesn’t help that I’m vain, and the little imperfections that show up on screen get to me.

I suspect that this entire blog has less than 10 photos of me. It’s usually the kids, or one of them plus daddy, or both and daddy.

I think that’s pretty appalling.

I’ve been feeling the need to let go of my tight reins on the camera, and to encourage the man to take more pictures of me and the kids.

So at a recent wedding we attended, we managed to pull off some decent shots.

I love photos with lots of greenery and sky in the background. They seem to help make everything more beautiful and natural.

This is just a start. I hope we do more. What’s a blog if you don’t have photos of yourself with your favourite people on earth?

I don’t want the kids wondering next time, why is mummy always missing from our pictures? What’s up with that?

I certainly don’t want them to be missing from my photos in future when I’m old and wrinkly.

Would you take the challenge with me this weekend, and capture more shots of yourself and your family? Hint: Instead of focusing on getting that perfect picture, let’s just enjoy the moment, and let the photographer take care of the rest. 😉

Have a good weekend, friends.

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    • mamawearpapashirt says

      That’s good, Lyn! I’ve never been very good with selfies, and I think I look chubby with the cam so near my face. That’s the honest-to-goodness truth! :p

  1. says

    Agree! Somehow we mums always have an excuse for staying out of the pictures… like unkempt hair, or makeupless face, or frumpy clothes. You don’t hear dads worrying about stuff like that. But I love looking at old photos of my mum and me. So I’m sure my kids will too someday… That’s reason enough to get in front of the camera instead of behind it. Btw, you are looking good in the photos with your kiddos!
    Serenely recently posted..Becoming a big brotherMy Profile

    • mamawearpapashirt says

      You’re so right, Serene, I find myself saying those excuses so often! Glad to hear about how you enjoy looking at old family photos…gives me even more motivation now! 😉

    • mamawearpapashirt says

      Hey mummybean, aww, I hope you manage to capture nicer ones with your kids at the next holiday. Oh actually, why wait till the next big thing, just simple regular outings will do! Hah!

  2. says

    I echo everyone’s thoughts: you look great here! So natural! Aww I can identify with you; I wrote about this too a while ago and it really made me re-think everything! The kids will remember us spending time with them, and not how our hair looked! Sure they will probably laugh about our dressing, but hey, that’s to be expected 🙂 here:
    Adora recently posted..Doctor for a Day, Memories for a LifetimeMy Profile

  3. says

    I agree with you June! I actually got the same idea, along the same lines lar. Like I’m just going to be more ‘open’ and not be afraid of having my photos up on my blog. Because I think its more of a fear of myself rather than being shy, that stops me from putting them up haha.. So ya, will take up your challenge and try to put up more of myself! 🙂
    qiu xian recently posted..FacetimeMy Profile

  4. says

    I used to be quite shy of camwhoring, but with the kids, I lose my inhibitions.
    Invest in a small tripod, make sure “the photographer” (be it you or Mr) is also captured in the frame 🙂

    andy (SengkangBabies)
    SengkangBabies recently posted..NDP 2013 NE3My Profile

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