Day one

We are home. The kids are excited about their new baby brother.

Vera keeps wanting to touch (sayang) him and JJ said “I like baby Joshua. He loves me so much.” (Guess all the gifts and goodies he “showered” upon them helped.)

Baby is still in sleepy mode, and so is knocked out mostly after his feeds. When he does hear the kids’ voices nearby, he will stop, open his eyes wide and just listen intently. Theirs are probably the most familiar voices to him right now, given their natural boisterous volume.

I’m slowly getting into baby care mode. Realise we don’t have many long pants that is small enough for him, but since he’s in swaddle most of the time, I think we’ll get by with shorts or just diapers for now.

Here’s the view of baby’s cot from my bed. (Joshie’s snuggled in a cacoonababy, kindly loaned to us from a good friend. So far, I must say he seems to like it!)

Nursery - view from my bed

Recovery wise, I’m amazed that I’ve barely had any post-operation pain. Guess both my anaesthetist and surgeon did a good job. But of course I’m still walking in a slow and ginger manner…after all c-section is a major medical procedure. (It’s funny I can’t recall how long it look to feel fit and move about normally again from my previous experiences. But I hope this time it will really be a quick recovery process.)

Breastfeeding is going well thankfully, apart from the shoulder and neck aches that’s come on already. Had some engorgement issues at the hospital and the kind nurses gave me cold cabbage to ease the congestion. After four rounds of two-hourly cabbage treatment, I was almost back to normal. Baby has been drinking and suckling well so that’s been helpful too.

Baby’s schedule is still topsy turvy, and he’s more wakeful at around the midnight hour than throughout the day. Will try to keep him awake more during the day so he can adjust his body clock. Haven’t had the energy to establish him on a routine yet, so we’ll have to work on that slowly.

I’m just glad to be home with baby, and to be greeted with relative peace amidst the changes.

As Vera prayed tonight, thank you God for bringing baby Joshua and mummy safely back home.

Indeed, thank you God.

Papa - world's softest pillow

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    Love the photo of bubby all konked out on daddy’s shoulder! The early sleepy newborn days are so precious. Though I think by now the sleepiness might be starting to wear off… hope the swing of things are slowly falling into place as you recover from that big journey of carrying and labouring and birthing baby Josh.
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