How to make paper snowflakes

Snowflake fun

We made paper snowflakes recently.

I started by folding a square piece of white paper using the instructions here. (Note: the folding in thirds part may look a bit complex, but after the first try, it’s actually quite simple). Then randomly cut out small triangles and other shapes from the folded piece.

Here’s what this snowflake design looks like when still folded.

snowflake craft

I unfolded the paper from time to time to see the progress and to understand how each cut made a different pattern on the snowflake.

Then I got the kids to paint the snowflakes, and let them dry. After they were dry, we ran glue tape over the surface and sprinkled red sparkles all over. (I tried to get silver sparkles but alas Popular seemed to have run out.)

After the sparkles have set (gotta shake the snowflakes a little to get ride of excess sparkles), we stuck them on the kids’ bedroom wall for that little Christmassy touch.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 😉

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