Five and beautiful

Dear Vera,

I can’t believe you turned five last week. And how much you’ve blossomed and grown.

You have morphed from a me-centred tantrum-filled toddler into a sociable, outgoing, loving little girl – all within the past two years. Still me-centred at times but at least now you’ve learnt to spare a thought for others and consider other people’s needs and wants along with yours.

You know how to manage JJ so well now, you come across like a little mummy. Of course bickering over silly things like him intruding into your space, or erasing your drawings – that still is rampant, but you generally hold your emotions better now (as opposed to random bursting into tears), and have learnt to negotiate or turn your energy towards something more productive. (You also like to come running with an official complaint against him, and sometimes we do step in to mediate.)

You are such a loving big sister! You simply adore your new little brother – you always want to play with him, touch and cuddle him, and can even help to soothe him when he cries by giving him the pacifier and singing him a song.

lots of love from big sister

And of course, you’ve our lovely sunshine daughter too. I love the way you create your own cards, make funny knick-knacks from recycled scrap, and your little girl drawings. Very often they tell me the things that matter to you most – namely earrings, long hair, high heeled shoes, and necklaces, bangles, flowers and rainbows.


You may be obsessed with princesses and painted finger nails (we tell you you can only paint them when you grow up), but we love you very much and are ever so proud of you. Always remember this no matter where you go or what you become.

Vera turns 5

We are blessed to be greeted with your loving hugs and kisses, and to share in your funny dreams and ambitions. Just the other day you said you wanted to invent a sticker machine so that all your friends can come over and never need to buy stickers anymore. “Can save money,” you said earnestly. I just smiled and nodded my head. (I don’t have the heart to poke holes in your dreams…)

a graceful pose

On your fifth birthday, we celebrated with your friends at school, had a picnic with your godparents (to celebrate godpa’s birthday too), and watched Hello Ling. (Oh we also managed to catch bits of the chingay procession that happened over the weekend.) These are simple things but I pray they make up part of your childhood memories and tell you that you are dearly loved and precious in our sight.

I pray that as you grow, you’ll develop a big heart for people.

I pray that you’ll continue to love nature, dance and art, and be able to connect with others through this love.

I pray that you’ll continue to dream those wild and beautiful dreams, and that one day you’ll be able to turn some of these into reality. With a bit of support from us and help from God.

Love, mummee.

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  1. says

    June, you always write such heartfelt letters. I believe Vera/kids will love and cherish all these precious words you wrote for them when they are older πŸ™‚

    Not forgetting, a blessed belated birthday, Vera!

    Hugs n kisses πŸ™‚

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