The silver lining in every cloud

We are in the second week of our maid-less days. The house is a lot messier, dishes keep piling up in the sink, and the laundry basket seems to have taken on a life of its own.

But…no one has lost her sanity, no husband ate half-burnt pork ribs, and no child went to school on an empty stomach. Yet.

Woohoo. Pop the champagne. Bring on the B&J ice-cream.

Honestly… I look around me and I see the many angels God has sent to help us and encourage us along. I just had to pen this thankful post, and count my blessings.

One, my mum and godma have stepped up to help out more with the kids as well as with cooking nutritious meals. We manage to eat homecooked dinners at least 4 days a week, and this is something I just can’t thank God for enough.

Two, my dear friend and fabulous godma to our kids has been delivering healthy and yummy lunches to our house once a week. It’s a double blessing for us because the kids love the food and having her (and their little godsister) around!

Three, J has adjusted back to the cot. (We moved him back from the mattress to the cot as he’s crawling around now and it’s safer for him to be in a confined space as we’re often worried he’ll knock into the cupboards in our bedroom.) After two nights of letting him practise crying a little when he stirs awake after going down for his night-time sleep, he has learnt how to fall back to sleep on his own. Just a few weeks back, he kept waking and crying for help to be soothed back to sleep. Now he only really cries when he needs a feed. He hasn’t managed to go through the night yet, but at least we are a step closer to peaceful nights.

Four, JJ seems to have crossed into another developmental phase where he would be more open to listening and asking for help nicely instead of whining. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this will last, and that we can focus on enjoying him as a little person in the making.

Five, Vera and JJ can sleep pretty well alone in their room now. JJ used to be wakeful on some nights, but he seems to be less wakeful and a more independent sleeper now.

Six, Vera is starting to get more responsible with chores like folding her and her brothers’ clothes, and packing away her toys before bedtime. She’s happy to help watch her baby brother too, who’s currently into crawling and cruising, and always on the verge of doing something dangerous. (We have a little reward system for her going on, and I hope to share more about that soon.)

Seven, I’m learning to major on the majors and let other things go. For the most part, I’m still keeping a close watch on our diet and health, and learning to let the chores wait a little if there is a sibling fight to mediate, a boo-boo to be kissed, or urgent work to be done.

Because of our limitations, we try to keep our schedule simpler now. Weekends are spent with good friends in a nearby park or shopping mall. Or just letting the kids run around (and expend their energy) in the neighbourhood.

We still have our fair share of crazy days. But I’m starting to see us growing stronger as a family. With everyone learning to chip in, young or old, big or small… And I’m thankful. There is a silver lining in this little cloud.

If you’re going through difficulties too, I hope you keep calm and remember to count your blessings…It may not change the situation, but it’ll certainly change the way you deal with things.

Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

keep calm and count your blessings

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