What to do during the June holidays? Head to Masak Masak at the National Museum

We visited Masak Masak 2015 at the National Museum of Singapore. The exhibition, made up of 10 installations by local as well as international artists, features familiar playgrounds and activities from the past. Even NAFA and SOTA students have been roped in for this year’s exhibition, so you can expect lots of interesting and interactive activities for little ones.


Step into the museum and you’ll be greeted by this rainbow origami installation by Mademoiselle Maurice from France.


This is Mademoiselle Maurice herself sharing about the inspirations behind Spectrum of Paper, a beautiful origami mural done in response to Jeanette Aw’s newly launched book, Sol’s Journey. At first glance, it reminds me of birds in migration. In this gallery, your child can learn how to fold an origami bird.


At Simple Pleasures in Life by Jeanette Aw, children are given free rein to colour in the wall art or to draw anything they please.


Time for wayang kulit, or shadow puppetry! The story is about a young princess who wanders away from her palace, and meets some naughty spirits from a nearby forest. The puppetry performance is on every weekend at 2.30pm. Tickets are selling fast from Sistic.


Vera making her own shadow puppet.


Here’s an interesting installation that kids who love to crawl and hide in tunnels would enjoy. Aptly named Wanderlust, this installation is fashioned from simple materials such as crepe paper. I hope it withstands the the curious fingers of little tots!


Next to Wanderlust, children can get a glimpse into the history of woodblock printing. This artform gained prominence in Singapore after WWII, and often depicts life on the streets. Children can do some serious stamping here, just to get a flavour of how woodblock printing works.


On the ground floor, kids can wander around and admire dancing solar flowers, or try their hands at this giant version of Ring-a-bottle.


Or they can test their general knowledge by fitting the right country name to the flag. This is actually meant to be a large-scale version of the old-school eraser game. So pick your opponent and try to flip your eraser above his!

Masak_2015_10 The kids’ favourite room in the entire exhibition has got to be Luma-city. Shrouded in darkness, coloured lights leave a trail on the floor when you move over it by pushing a giant plastic vehicle. The trio spent a good 10 minutes racing around amok in the room, and made the poor staff pretty busy.

Beware if it’s too crowded though; it’s no fun to be run over by a giant toy car or boat.

The other hot (literally) favourite? The bouncy playgrounds on the lawn. This is open to small visitors every Saturday and Sunday, 10-12pm or 4-6pm.

Masak_2015_19 Masak_2015_17

The best solution to a hot day? Ice-cream!

Masak Masak 2015 is open till 10 August, daily, 10am-6pm. Do remember to check out the special programmes on the main museum website. Have fun checking it out during the hols!

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  1. says

    We were at the National Museum today as well, and it was fantastic! I saw Vera at the puppet show – I thought I recognized her from the blog, and having seen this picture I’m sure. It was strange to see her in real life, after following your blog for so long. My children did really enjoy the puppet show, and I thought the installations by Mademoiselle Maurice and Jeannette Aw, and Crystal Wagner’s Wanderlust were amazing and perfect for children. Really, really good!

    • June says

      Hi Katrijn, so nice to hear from you. It would have been lovely to meet you in person, but it was a daddy-daughter date that’s why only the husband was with Vera. I’m glad to hear your kids enjoyed the visit to the museum! Kids today are really lucky to enjoy such diverse experiences and places!

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