Sherlock Hong Adventures {Book Review and Giveaway}

If you’re a fan of mystery books, you’d know that it’s important to have a protagonist that is believable and easy to identify with.

In the Sherlock Hong series, Singaporean author Don Bosco does a great job building the character of young Sherlock himself. He is a young detective, belonging to the International Order of Young Seekers, impulsive, with a nose for adventure and an eye for suspicious details.

According to Don, his character “Sherlock Hong is inspired by Sherlock Holmes, the great detective in those classic mystery stories. And Sherlock Holmes is known for a few things: having great observation skills, being very well informed about all sorts of obscure topics, and being lost in his own world.”

“In that sense, I think our own quality of life improves when we practice these traits too, in a sensible way. Observe very closely the people you encounter, so you can understand them and interact with them better. Appreciate all the tiny details in the world around you, because that gives you more options about what you can do. And take some time to create your own personal sphere of comfort and love, so you can share this with your family and friends.”

Wise words indeed.

Sherlock 1

There are 4 books in this series – The Peranakan Princess, The Scroll of Greatness, The Legend of Lady Yue, and The Immortal Nightingale.

Vera’s favourite of the series of 4 books is The Peranakan Princess. She says it’s not as scary as the rest and it’s interesting because it features a little girl who sings and turns a man into stone!

Vera has always loved books with a touch of magic, since she started reading independently, but this is one of the first mystery books she’s read.

I decided to read through The Peranakan Princess myself and found it actually quite riveting. The story involves a Peranakan Princess and her magical Book of Secrets. The young detective Sherlock finds himself on a mission to thwart an evil plan to kidnap one of her descendants, so as to prevent the powerful magic manual from falling into the wrong hands.

The language is simple and easy to read, almost like Sherlock was writing a letter to us himself. I asked Don why he chose to write the series this way, and here’s what he said:

Prior to this, I had done a lot of writing and editorial work. Mostly informative, academic and lifestyle content. So I thought I was a pretty competent writer. But when it came to writing stories for children — and I mean stories that are exciting and emotionally engaging, that keep the kids turning the pages and eager to discover more, rather than the kind of educational stories for classroom use, where you want to put it away as fast as possible — I was stuck for a long time because what I wrote always came out proper and clever, but not fun and delightful.

After a lot of trial and error, one day I was daydreaming and I started to imagine that Sherlock Hong was talking to me. I could hear his voice very clearly, and sense all his gestures. So I hurried over to the computer and typed it all down. And that was it! After that it was quite effortless. The stories naturally have a wonderful sense of intimacy and enthusiasm. They feel authentic. I know it sounds a bit eccentric, that I’m using my daydreams like this, but it works for now. And that’s why the Sherlock Hong books are in this form!

I think the key to a great mystery book is whether it keeps you turning the pages, and Vera finished a book in one sitting, and also devoured the other books quite quickly.

So…the verdict is: This is one mystery book series that will really hook your young reader.

How would you like to raise a young Sherlock too? Well, I’ve got one set of Sherlock Hong Adventures books to give away to a lucky winner!

To qualify:

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2. Leave a comment on this photo on FB (Answer the question, why did Sherlock need to thwart an evil plan to kidnap the descendant of the Peranakan Princess?), and tag 3 friends.

Good luck!
– This contest is open to Singapore residents only. It ends on Sunday, Nov 22 (11.59PM). A winner will be picked randomly, and the sponsor will contact you regarding the collection of the prize.
– Incomplete entries will be disqualified.
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Disclaimer: I received a set of Sherlock Hong books for review and was not compensated for this post.

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