Moving house

We have moved.

After months of praying and planning. After weeks of decluttering, packing, and organising the right things into the right boxes. (Then as we drew closer to D-day, it became more like frantic stuffing of things into any visible spot of space in random boxes.)

moving house: our life in boxes

The hubby was absolutely amazing at packing. This is the first time we’re moving as a family of five, and he acted as if he’s had heaps of practice. I was bowled over, many times over. And not to mention grateful, because I had a few assignments to work on and had my hands full at some points.

Looking back, I still can’t believe we made the decision to move, did our homework on potential places we’d like to live in, recee-ed, liaised with agents, found tenants for our own place, the list goes on — all in a matter of weeks.

Of course, we actually started contemplating the decision a lot earlier. But you know, once settled, it seemed as if things fell into place rather smoothly and with no surprises. Like the slick clicking in of well-made wooden puzzle pieces.

Then on D-day, wham. The movers swooped in like a flock of trained birds, professional and organised to the core, cling-wrapped everything that needed extra care, and moved our entire life (in boxes) within half a day. I was tired (but also in awe) just watching them.

After I arrived at the new home, the husband was already getting stuff organised. (Did I mention that he’s organised already??) But the entire living room was filled with boxes. And the IKEA guys and our electronic goods were going to be arriving in a matter of hours! So obviously we got down to unpacking and flattening those boxes in a jiffy.

Some hours and buckets of sweat later, we managed to clear sufficient space in the living area for the IKEA staff to assemble our sofa, dining table and TV cabinets. Thank God for a big enough store-room to house our “non-immediate use items” – otherwise known as stuff that the husband and I just couldn’t bear to throw away. Heh…

Then our electronic goods arrived and we all had to learn how to use the washing machine. But really we were quite distracted listening to the guy. The clock was ticking away in my head – we need to clear as many boxes before the kids arrive at our new home! (I had mum’s help to care for them for the day.) I was anxious… I wanted them to have enough space to get acquainted with everything – their new bedrooms (albeit with their old beds), their new toilets, their new wardrobes, the new play area…

Now obviously we could’t finish unpacking everything within one day. But we made good enough progress and the kids were so excited when they arrived. And we all sat down to a nice (tapao-ed) dinner and listened to their stories of what they did at grandma’s. (They obviously had little clue as to how hard we’d been working.)

After we showered them and sent them off to bed, we continued unpacking. Unpacking was what we did for the whole week really…We had so many things, I was scratching my head as to where to put them / how to sort them. It amazes me how much we own and how difficult it is to give/throw things away.

It’s now been a week plus in our new home. We’re feeling a lot more settled. Most of our things have found their proper places. Above all, our hearts have found a new home. We’ve scoured the neighbourhood for good eats, good (read: economical) finds, and good fun.


We’ve taken mental notes of where to go to get what, and also a rough idea as to what to do with the boys in the mornings…

Oh yes, the boys. They are school-less for the rest of the year. I guess it’s mummy’s turn to teach them for a bit. (We moved at an awkward time and the kindy nearby doesn’t have vacancies until next year.)

brothers playing together

There are still things to be done…But my heart is full.

The kids have adapted well, and seem to have settled into a new rhythm. This was my biggest prayer point, and I see that it is being answered.

Change can bring stress, but it can also bring growth. When I look back, I see so many areas where God has moved and helped us through this big change. Very subtle things, if you blink you’ll probably miss it. But when you reflect and ponder, it’s there, right under your nose. His invisible hand of mercy and grace; his never-failing love. The God we love is amazing, even in taking care of seemingly insignificant and mundane little details.

I pray that this will be the beginning of a fun and fruitful chapter for us to grow as a family, and to embark on new adventures.






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