CNY in pictures

It’s Chinese new year. The colour of the moment, of course, is red.

Day 01: By some grace, we managed to pull together some matching outfits for JJ and Vera. Mostly gifts or hand-me-downs. We also managed to take some family pics in the morn.

Big sister struts confidently ahead, with little brother in tow. They each must have their own bag of Mandarin oranges, or else…a fight will break loose.

Day 02 (a): Thought bubble / Why are we waiting?

Managed to spend a perfectly cool morning at Gardens by the Bay, catching up with friends. It’s our first time there.

Day 02 (b): Gathering at our marriage mentors’ house. Check out how fruitful we have been since our marriage prep days years back! (God is good!)

Day 03: Visited the kids’ godpa and godma. JJ, as usual, wanted to “draw-draw” on the whiteboard. Vera was pretty pleased to be able to carry baby Elizabeth (only 2 months old!) Vera has been practising carrying and cradling her doggy soft toy at home, saying that it’s her baby…Now she finally gets to carry a real one!

All in all, I’m pretty thankful this Chinese New Year. Shuffling the kids from place to place is always a challenge, not to mention keeping them happy and limiting the snack level without causing a meltdown. For us, keeping it simple and always allowing them to have a break in the day to nap and recharge (for us too) does wonders.

Hope you enjoyed your CNY with your loved ones too! 🙂

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