Little lessons: Back to basics

Baby J’s arrival has helped to slow life down to a snail’s pace.

The most exciting thing that happens around here these days is when Vera or JJ gets into a fit. Or when it’s time for my post-natal massage. Or when I read a funny /informative article on the web.

My calendar is filled with things like buy diapers, call mum, and cut baby’s nails.

I find myself sometimes counting minutes till the hubby comes home. If I’m not asleep that is.

Yes, the initial baby days (after recovering from the delivery) can be mundane and rather brain-numbing.

To keep myself busy and happy, I’m chatting with good friends on whatsapp and scribbling down ideas for activities to do with Vera and JJ.

I’ve started taking daily morning walks with baby, and am planning to bring him to the botanic gardens for walks every week. And maybe even bring the kids swimming in the afternoons as well.

I’m going to dive into good books, and have just ordered a copy of Building Healthy Minds from Book Depository.

Also gonna plan one-on-one dates with Vera and JJ. This may be tough to execute as the other usually want to follow whenever one goes out, so will have to start prepping them mentally. JJ is starting to exhibit signs of the middle child syndrome, like extra fussiness and wanting a lot of attention, so I really feel the need to spend more time with him.

For a start, I’ll just head to nearby playgrounds or malls. I’m thankful that at this age, they are easy to please. Being anywhere outdoors and with ample space allows for fun and creative play, and it’s just about giving them our undivided attention.

And of course, let’s not forget fortnightly dates with the hubby. Even if it’s just for a cup of coffee downstairs, or renting a movie and snuggling up together to watch it. Little moments like these count, no?

As I’m planning all these activities, baby J is sleeping contentedly and making little snoring sounds. Watching him reminds me that life may be slower and mundane with a newborn, but there is good reason for it to be this way.

By slowing down, I’m able to breathe better and manage the things closest to my heart. Priorities. Keeping first things first. Not getting distracted or overwhelmed.

By taking things slow, simple pleasures can also be found.

Like admiring his little wrinkly toes. Like an unexpected hug and kiss from my girl.

little toes

Baby J, you’ve only entered our lives for 30-ish days and you’ve already taught me something.

Contentment is not about having plenty or being rich in material things. But it’s about cherishing what you do have and being rich in the important things.

Rich in love, joy, fun, imagination. In caring, sharing, teaching and guiding…And for baby J, rich in milk, cuddles and sweet baby dreams.

Now it’s your turn. What have you been learning lately?


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