Let’s play: ‘What’s the caption?’

I could write a caption for this, but I thought it’d be tons more fun if YOU come up with one instead!

The person with the best caption wins….a special something from me. 😉 Go on, hit me with your best shot!

the look

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—> {ADDED}

Thanks for sending in those fantastic captions! You are all so creative, and sooooo funny!

I would have such a hard time picking a favorite, if not for Susan, from A Juggling Mom, who kindly agreed to help me out. Susan is a personal friend of mine, and also a very cool, fun-loving mum to a cute little girl named Sophie. (Thanks Susan, you did a great job!)

So…here goes.




The winner is…


Her caption was:

“No one messes with the flowers! U hear me? NO ONE!”

Congratulations Darienna! 😀


Here’s the special something that I promised.


I’m proud to present to you the Captain of Captions Award! I truly hope you like it!

Captain of Captions

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