In every child, there lies a superhero

In every child, there lies a superhero…

superhero me!

Meet Captain Robot. At the press of a button, this robot makes super funny faces and even dances along. His superpower is to make people smile, laugh, and leave the room happier than when they came in.

And Ms Blessing Fairy. She flutters all over the world with her trusty pair of recycled cardboard paper wings, and sprinkles blessing dust onto all of mankind. It’s hard to spot her because she’s really quick and nimble!

Their superhero costumes were all made from recycled material, provided in a little toolkit put together by the creative folks at Startwell for this year’s Superhero Me Festival – Singapore‚Äôs first costume crafting festival aimed at empowering children to grow a stronger sense of self, through creativity and imagination.

Head on down to the National Library in your self-made Superhero Me costumes on 27 June from 1pm to 3pm to stand up for childhood and meet other superheroes! The first 100 children in costume will get a goodie bag. Kids will also get to participate in story-telling and craft activities. Register here!

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