What is love to a child?

One of my friends sent me on a mission to ask Vera this question: what is love?

So I did.

Her answer came in the form of a hug.

I was a little surprised. What, so simple? (Yup, that’s it!)

To a child, love is as simple and as tangible as a big warm hug. No more, no less.

Wait…maybe there’s more.

We used to have the habit of singing Barney’s “I love you, you love me” song, so to Vera, that has special meaning too. Till today, she sometimes makes a request to sing it together before bedtime. And of course, it’s something we can never say no to.

So, to our little girl, love is a hug and a song we sing together (which btw, calls for a “great big hug” and “a kiss from me to you”). What else?

I think a child really needs to experience love with all her senses. At an age where words take on new meanings each day, “I love you” is still a vital thing to say. Love is something audible, tangible, huggable, feel-able, and oftentimes…edible.

Like whenever I make pancakes or cheesecake or jelly for Vera – just some of her favourite yummy things – she would immediately gush “mummy, thank you…I love you!”

Love is yummy alright.

This month of September, I’m focusing on the topic of love. From loving yourself to what a man needs most from his wife; from giving yourself some time to cool off after an argument, to remembering our love stories, and finally, to the touchy topic of making more babies in Singapore.

I hope you’ll join me as we embark on this love journey…

love to a child

Photo credit: Steph Tan Photography

A mother is…

~ An obstacle course to a baby who’s just discovered the use for legs.

~ Someone who plans more play dates than date nights.

~ Someone who tries to be slow to anger, and quick to listen. (But it often ends up the other way around.)

~ One whose arms are a rocking bed, lap is a lounge chair, and bosom is a contour pillow.

~ A discipline master and control freak. Period.

~ Someone who hones her creativity, problem solving skills, and entertaining abilities on a daily basis. (How else do you keep a toddler and a baby happy?)

~ A worrywart.

~ Also a daughter, friend, wife, sister, and contributor to the economy (regardless of whether you are SAHM, WAHM, or FTWM).

~ Always multi-tasking.

~ Someone who’s almost always feeling guilty.

~ Always on call.

~ A work-in-progress.

~ Always giving.

~ A WOW-man.

~ A privileged profession with a job description that includes cleaning poo, wiping bottoms, and mediating wars, where you’re paid in pure love.

~ An organized mess.

~ The most important job on this planet.

~ THE boss.

Among other things, that is.

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