If you had all the time in the world, what would you do?

Let me answer the question with a list of 10 things that I would do.

1. Travel around the world in 30 days with the hubby (sans kids) – or maybe I would be happy to just do a 14-day Aussie farm-stay with the kids. (Hmm, I might regret saying that, but I guess I’ll have all the time to take another holiday).

2. Sleep 12 hours straight (to be honest, I’m not sure my body is able to do this anymore, but I sure will try. Every mum deserves more beauty sleep, right?)

3. Go on a moms’ day out – a day filled with food, coffee, dessert…and then shopping to work it all off.

4. Further my studies in counselling – or start doing some volunteer work in this field.

5. Stop dreaming and start doing – How many dreams have you put on hold simply because you have neither the time nor energy to work at them? Now that you have all the time in the world, you can stop worrying that you’ll have no time to manage a new venture, and you can start working real hard at something you’ve always wanted to achieve. What can I say but carpe diem.

6. Spend an entire day with my wife – staring into her eyes and telling her how wonderful she is in my life. [Ack, that’s the hubby hijacking the keyboard by the way, and he’s refused to let me delete this. Oh well, haha]

7. Go on a kids’ day out – Spend an entire day running around in wide open spaces, rolling on the grass, enjoying a picnic, falling asleep on the mat, star-gazing at night, and watching the sun rise the next day. Hopefully then, my children will think that I’m the awesomest mom in the world.

8. Organise my home – Finally. My hubby will be awe-struck by my neatness and organization skills, after I’m done. (Hah, I’ll show him!)

9. Meet up with old friends – Sure we may all be on Facebook, but there’s only so much interaction that we can achieve on social media. Since becoming a parent, my social circle has shrunk many times over, and it doesn’t help that we get comfortable with the same people, and feel generally lazy to make the effort with others. So yes, I would like to make an effort to rekindle past friendships, especially friends whom I was close to once upon a time, but have since drifted apart.

10. Write a book – This has been my childhood dream and it remains so. Sometimes it’s scary to put this in black and white, because it adds weight and makes you feel like you MUST fulfill it, otherwise some boogieman will come after you with a sledge-hammer and demand for a reason as to why it has not been done. But oh well, I guess this is what the blog is for – to challenge myself sometimes.

Now, if only I had all the time in the world, how different would life be?

I would be able to sew a patchwork blanket of dreams.

You know it’s funny, but if I really had all the time in the world, I think I would just want to spend it all with the family and kids, doing the things that we love, with the people whom we care about. Sometimes dreams are just ‘a chasing after the wind’ – at the end of your life, you probably won’t be thinking about those unfulfilled dreams…or would you?

What would you do if you had all the time in the world?

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  1. says

    You will write that book!! It takes time. And no, I don’t think we are able to sleep 12 hours straight anymore. Kids have cured us of that 🙂
    Great list June!

  2. says

    Haha I laughed when I read #8, coz Alexis is always mocking my ability to be more organised than he is. You know the long 12 hours of sleep is really not my kind of thing as I’ll just end up with a headache from sleeping too much. If I had all the time n the world then it’s definitely a holiday for me.

  3. says

    Great list! I fantasize about many of those things too! I have been wanting to go back to school for years but with 3 kids I am a little nervous…

    • says

      I would be nervous too so I guess that’s normal. Surely at the right time we’ll be able to make it happen, though lots of support will be needed on the homefront. 🙂

  4. duckyh says

    Do it! I stopped dreaming…well, that is incorrect. I just decided to make my dreams happen. I still dream; we really shouldn’t stop! But do it, you totally can!!

  5. p2me1a says

    Nice post! Your hubby’s so sweet! =)

    I wanted to start an online business importing and selling boardgames after Isaac was born. Then when I got pregnant with the twins, I put this on hold. When the twins were 10 months old – I decided to JUST DO IT! and I did! I started and launched my website selling boardgames the following month! =)

    I want to write a book too!!! =)

    • says

      I love that you shared a different (and insightful) perspective…I don’t even wanna think abt the crazy schedules that kids have nowadays!

      Thanks for the positive chi…really appreciate and need that. 🙂

  6. says

    I got a shock for a moment when I saw ‘wife’ haha your hubby’s very sweet.

    If I had all the time AND money in the world, I will take my whole entire family on trip around the world! Haha. Ah well, costs nothing to dream.. =)

  7. et says

    You sure accomplished #9! Good to see you after 3 years or so? So much so that vera wants to go back with auntie et!!!! That was hilarious!

  8. says

    I probably just need all the NIGHT in the world…. coz I don’t want to wake up and have to leave my family for work. =p and after Ally sleeps, it also means alone time to read/reflect/comment and blog if the mood calls for.

    • says

      Hi Yvonne, I think I know what you mean…I do get to enjoy some peace and solitude at night-time too. Moments of reflection are really good for our souls, yea? 😉 Thanks for sharing this!

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