Strawberry dreams and a prayer of blessing

We just got home from our first kiddy Christmas party!

As I tucked Vera to bed, and said “sweet dreams”, she surprised me by saying this:

“strawberry dreams…and lollipop dreams, mummy”

So that’s what little girls dream about at this age…

Right now, I’m dreaming about the brand new year. That is going to become reality in a week’s time, so I’m giving myself a little bloggy break to reflect upon the year and to set some fresh goals for 2013. Meanwhile, I want to leave a simple prayer of blessing for all of you.


May the stars twinkle brightly in the night

and leave a joyful trail for you to follow.

May the rays from a new dawn warm your toes

and remind you of the hope that lies in every tomorrow.

May garden butterflies put a skip in your steps

especially when the journey is long and narrow.

And may you be reminded of His everlasting love

each time you catch a glimpse of rainbow.


Blessed Christmas and new year, friends. And oh, sweet strawberry dreams too.

Love, from all of us at home.

Dreams by a window

When was the last time you sat dreaming by a window?

I used to do that quite often. But now that family life includes a pre-schooler and a baby, those days of dreaming are few and far between. The dreams linger though. They nag at me and nibble at my thoughts.

Dreams have to do with longing, a desire for something beyond the everyday. For something more. It has to do with the heart, the things we’ve been through, the hopes we hang on to for dear life.

The hubby used to say he doesn’t have dreams. I used to laugh and say that God gave me extra dreams to compensate for his lack of them.

As a young girl, I dreamed of a loving family. I dreamed of being a writer who is able to travel the world. I dreamed of helping other girls find and fulfill their dreams. For most part, the loving family bit has been realised, although there’s always room for improvement. Still, I’m not content. For some reason, I continue to be disturbed by the news around me of families facing brokenness and marriages falling apart.

I had a thought that day about dreams. Very often, we think of dreams as those humongous, world-transforming ones, accomplished by big and important people. (Like the one embodied in the famous speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.) People who are something. But in reality, even small ordinary people like us can have our dreams, and the capacity to fulfill them.

Life has been busy of late. It’s more of a struggle these days to carve for myself a spot by the window. I’m seriously craving some quality window time, coupled with good doses of sunlight through the glass pane.

I can’t remember when it was last that I looked to the sky, opened my palms up, and asked God to take my dreams and make them real. (Or could it be that I’m missing the point and what I really need is to see His dreams for me?) Times like this, it’s easy to doubt whether the dreams I safekeep in my heart are really from God, or are they just all about me, myself and my ego.

I need to remember. That though my hands feel short, His hands are long. That though my heart may shrink with fear, His heart is ever wide and open, and His love for this world and its inhabitants is bigger than I could ever imagine or describe.

We often think of dreams as a race towards one desirable outcome. But I think in reality, big dreams were never attained in a mad hare’s dash. They are realised in small daily doses. Remember the loving family? Well, I’m sure none of that is built overnight, and it requires daily and sometimes tedious decisions to love in every circumstance.

Each loving word or selfless deed is like a small brick laid to build the home’s foundation. Each criticism or thoughtless word drives a little, unseen wedge into that still-growing foundation.

Like a mother changes her baby’s diapers six times each day, cooks two meals, does one basket of laundry – folds another – etches out a living with her skills and hands, and takes a break at the end of the day knowing full well that this play will be in perpetual repeat mode for the next few years. Yet it is through this mundane repetition that she lives out the humble call upon her life – to be a mum, to raise her children, to embody and live out the values she believes in. Through her daily love and sacrifice, she builds the dream of family. She makes it a reality. She leaves a legacy for generations to come.

For sure the road is windy, teary, lonely, and long. And distractions and desires of the self can sometimes creep in to try to shake things up a bit. When the times are hard, we need to remember that perfect love knows no fear. That perfect love knows no boundaries. That perfect love overcomes.

When was the last time you sat dreaming by a window?

What I wouldn’t do for love

Have you ever loved someone so much you felt like you would do everything for him?

There are many things that I would do for love, like eat a snail or even frog’s legs (eew), or sing a song declaring my love for him (and risk being laughed at).

There are however a few things that I will not bear or do in the name of love.

Would you like to know what they are? Hop over to The BottomsUp Blog to find out…and tell me what’s on your list of things you would not do for love.

If you had all the time in the world, what would you do?

Let me answer the question with a list of 10 things that I would do.

1. Travel around the world in 30 days with the hubby (sans kids) – or maybe I would be happy to just do a 14-day Aussie farm-stay with the kids. (Hmm, I might regret saying that, but I guess I’ll have all the time to take another holiday).

2. Sleep 12 hours straight (to be honest, I’m not sure my body is able to do this anymore, but I sure will try. Every mum deserves more beauty sleep, right?)

3. Go on a moms’ day out – a day filled with food, coffee, dessert…and then shopping to work it all off.

4. Further my studies in counselling – or start doing some volunteer work in this field.

5. Stop dreaming and start doing – How many dreams have you put on hold simply because you have neither the time nor energy to work at them? Now that you have all the time in the world, you can stop worrying that you’ll have no time to manage a new venture, and you can start working real hard at something you’ve always wanted to achieve. What can I say but carpe diem.

6. Spend an entire day with my wife – staring into her eyes and telling her how wonderful she is in my life. [Ack, that’s the hubby hijacking the keyboard by the way, and he’s refused to let me delete this. Oh well, haha]

7. Go on a kids’ day out – Spend an entire day running around in wide open spaces, rolling on the grass, enjoying a picnic, falling asleep on the mat, star-gazing at night, and watching the sun rise the next day. Hopefully then, my children will think that I’m the awesomest mom in the world.

8. Organise my home – Finally. My hubby will be awe-struck by my neatness and organization skills, after I’m done. (Hah, I’ll show him!)

9. Meet up with old friends – Sure we may all be on Facebook, but there’s only so much interaction that we can achieve on social media. Since becoming a parent, my social circle has shrunk many times over, and it doesn’t help that we get comfortable with the same people, and feel generally lazy to make the effort with others. So yes, I would like to make an effort to rekindle past friendships, especially friends whom I was close to once upon a time, but have since drifted apart.

10. Write a book – This has been my childhood dream and it remains so. Sometimes it’s scary to put this in black and white, because it adds weight and makes you feel like you MUST fulfill it, otherwise some boogieman will come after you with a sledge-hammer and demand for a reason as to why it has not been done. But oh well, I guess this is what the blog is for – to challenge myself sometimes.

Now, if only I had all the time in the world, how different would life be?

I would be able to sew a patchwork blanket of dreams.

You know it’s funny, but if I really had all the time in the world, I think I would just want to spend it all with the family and kids, doing the things that we love, with the people whom we care about. Sometimes dreams are just ‘a chasing after the wind’ – at the end of your life, you probably won’t be thinking about those unfulfilled dreams…or would you?

What would you do if you had all the time in the world?

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