Have kids, can make music

Her first ukulele performance.

(The notes may all be off, but it still sounded quite angelic to me. A mother’s bias, they call it.)

Praise Him, praise Him, all you little children.

God is love, God is love.

Praise Him, praise Him, all you little children.

God is love, God is love.

God is love indeed, and one of the most obvious reasons I know it is not just because the bible tells me so, but that he gave us this darling little girl (and of course our little boy too).

I can’t help but chuckle as I recall the first time we presented her with a ukulele. She took to it like she’d always been a ukulele player. She strummed, created her own imaginary songs, and basically just sat there without being distracted by anything else. I remember standing at the corner and marvelling at the sight.

Really, I shouldn’t even be surprised? She’s always had the song and dance bug in her. She’s constantly singing at home the songs she learnt in school, at church, or nonsensical, made-up ones. She loves dancing too, and her improv moves never fail to crack me up.

I love you, my little dancing queen.

May you never lose that wiggle and jiggle gene.

May your musical talents be nurtured and grow, that they may be used for His glory.

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    • mamawearpapashirt says

      Yes I’m sure every praise song from a child (or adult) however out-of-tune it may be, would be a sweet song to Him. Thanks Susan. 😉

    • mamawearpapashirt says

      Hi Carol, my friend got it actually and gave it to us. I believe she bought it from a shop at excelsior, next to Funan. 🙂

    • mamawearpapashirt says

      I’ve got praise songs CDs, not so much hymns though. Will check around and if I come across good ones, will share that with you!

  1. says

    WAH! Natural!!! I think Daddy’s gonna have trouble next time when guys approach her for lessons… Heh!

    BTW I bought a tonne of CDs – everything bible related from Amazon. (really everything also have)
    Today I chanced uponthe star’s bible bookshop. Quite a few CDs and pretty well-stocked too. Probably can check it out.
    Nerdymum recently posted..Thankful for grace shownMy Profile

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