10 surefire ways to enjoy Christmas

(This photo was taken at Tanglin Mall last week. We let the kids have a later-than-usual bedtime just so they could see and play with the “snow”)

1. Scrap the rest of your to-do list and just do what you feel like doing (Be honest, those to-dos were never really that exciting anyway.)

2. Don’t check your emails when you’re on holiday / leave (Difficult, I know. But still possible to limit your email time, right?)

3. Don’t go last minute gift shopping (I speak from experience. I no longer dare to even venture anywhere near crowded malls. 😛 )

4. No presents? Bake, make or just wing it…

5. Simplify your activities and schedule this Christmas. If necessary, say no.

6. Schedule in fun and enjoyable activities like a Christmas movie night! Or creating a memorable family tradition.

7. Make it a point to show appreciation to your loved ones, even in simple ways.

8. Think of the less fortunate around you, and see if you can spread some cheer by doing something for them

9. Do something spontaneous – like take everybody out for ice-cream (with chocolate or rainbow sprinkles!)

10. Wherever you are right now, take 5 minutes, close your eyes and think of the many blessings in your life (your spouse, children, family, friends, work, health, home, whatever that comes to mind). Thankfulness is the key to joy, especially during this season.

There. I think I came up with this list for myself as much as I did for you. The season can get stressful but I’m trying my hardest not to let that get in the way of truly remembering the reason why we celebrate Christmas – because of the love that came from above.

Have a blessed week, friends!

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  1. says

    Hey, we were at Tanglin Mall too but didn’t come prepared. Some of the kids were in their swimming attire.

    Didn’t want to disappoint E who wanted so much to play in the “snow”. I only had E’s windbreaker in my bag so he was basically wearing the windbreaker and his underwear (erm can pass off as swimming trunks?) and getting drenched in foam.

    Have a blessed Christmas!

    • mamawearpapashirt says

      Hey Joce, that’s truly very spontaneous!! Haha, he must have had heaps of fun, our kids were too young to be let loose in the foamy mayhem so they just clung to us while enjoying the foam flakes shower. Like showers of blessing, hehe. Blessed Christmas to you guys! 🙂

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