How to talk about sex with your child

I started the whole where-do-babies-come-from talk with Vera when she was 5+. It wasn’t as hair-raising an experience that I thought it would be, and I think using a book helped. This particular one I used is called Before I was Born.

Before I was born

The book covers the process of God creating the world and man and woman as different beings. It talks about the difference between a boy and a girl. It also covers the various body parts that are unique, mainly breasts, penis and vagina.

Before I was born3

It reads almost like a simple biology textbook as it presents the information in a factual matter-of-factly way. The topic of sex is introduced in the context of marriage, as God’s gift to the newly wedded couple and as a way to make marriages strong.

The pictures are hand-illustrated and pretty “safe”. Vera was initially tickled by the parts on hairy arms and legs, but I could see she went quiet when we moved into the section on sex. She asked, what is sex? To which I took a deep breath and said, it is God’s gift to a married man and woman, when the man’s penis enters a woman’s vagina, and they experience pleasure and love.

I probably rambled all of that in one breath. But thankfully she didn’t ask further at that point.

Before I was born 2

Before I was born1

While we have initiated the conversation, there’s definitely more to talk about.

Sex education begins with us – the parents. We should be the ones to first broach the topic rather than leaving it to the schools. It doesn’t happen in one sitting too. I think the best approach is to layer the information on as the child grows and gets more curious and asks deeper questions.

The information given should be age-appropriate. For instance I wouldn’t talk about abortions or pre-marital sex at this stage. I don’t think she has reached the level of maturity required to handle the tougher side of things.

Right now, I will continue to focus on helping her build the foundations. I highly recommend using books like this one. I will also be sharing other books such as The wonderful way babies are made and The princess and the kiss

Have you broached the topic of sex with your child? How did it go? Do share any tips or fav books with us in the comments below!

A date at My Tree House, central library

We recently explored the Tree House, also the world’s first green library for children, with our friends E and L.


We were greeted with all things green, from decor to theme of books, down to interesting armchairs made entirely from cardboard! Green building materials were used quite extensively in the construction of the library, including energy-efficient LED lighting, refurbished bookshelves and carpets with green properties.

A highlight is the treehouse made from recyclable materials that sits right in the middle of the space. (Those green and yellow things hanging from the ceiling to make up the “leaves” are actually plastic bottles that had been painted over.)

Both kids and adults alike were trudging up and down the treehouse, which makes quite an interesting reading space – people didn’t seem to mind sitting on the floor.


I liked that the shelves were clearly categorised and labelled, making it easy to find the books that you want.



Spaces have been thoughtfully carved out, into different reading / activity areas. Vera likes the space too, and had fun on this rocking horse, that also functions as a chair if you turn it right side up.

There’s even a space for little girls and boys to play hide and seek. (Nah just kidding, only Vera was playing hide and seek with me here. =P This is actually part of the baby books section. I saw quite a few young babies and tots crawling and tottering about here.)

It’s very thoughtful that the library actually caters for various ages, not just for the older kids who are able to read.

Interesting decor made from cardboard…


Now on to the “main attraction.” The kids were entranced by a wall-to-wall screen with moving cartoon characters, but shhh no sound of course. From time to time, questions would pop up, testing children on their green knowledge, and they could then answer by touching the correct answer on the screen.

We spent most of the time sitting on those colourful puzzle block seats, since the kids wanted to play here. As it was a weekday, it didn’t get too crowded or rowdy, although if you were to stand and peer into the library from the outside, you would be able to hear the kids’ voices.


All in all, we enjoyed the visit, and am sure we’ll be there again soon!

Have you visited My Tree House at the central library yet? What do you think of it?

Educational toys and books galore at September 21

I stumbled upon an educational books and toys supplier called September 21 whilst surfing the net for educational charts for Vera. Somehow, the thought of a warehouse overflowing with books and brain-stimulating toys just got me drooling. (You know you’re a nerdy mummy when such things get you excited more than the H&M store opening.)

What also got me pumped was that the store happens to be having its annual sale for the month of September! I think they offer discounts of 5 or 10% on most items.

So I hopped over during lunch yesterday as I happened to be around Toa Payoh, and trawled the rather large store in a caffeinated frenzy, with two of my colleagues in tow. (Sorry guys.) And came up with some good finds – Chinese flashcards, magnetic alphabets, word-learning games, soft books (for baby J), and baby bath books. Even managed to chalk up $200 worth so they made me a member, which got me an invitation to a free workshop on reading literacy for kids! I was one satisfied mummy.




I thought these waterproof bath books make good gifts…


Animal bath books – good for gifts

PLUS, we met a very helpful staff on the 6th floor who taught me the proper way of using flashcards to teach Chinese. I learnt that we should avoid using books / cards that have both text and pictures on the same page, that is the text should stand alone and be the first point of focus when introducing it to your child. Logic: your little one will be automatically drawn to the images rather than the words. Similarly, we should avoid material with pinyin as well. JUST CHINESE. Get it?


He also suggested using just 5 flashcards at any one time (for a start), and just flashing the words only and reading them aloud, at a pace as long as it takes to read the words. And go through the same pile 3 times a day (yes, just like medication…) until your child can recognise the words. Then put the familiar ones aside and form a new pile.

I was mighty pleased to have picked up these tips! 😀

The warehouse is stocked with all sorts of educational material – games, books, charts, puppets, craft material, and so on…so really, 1 hour was just enough to skim the surface.

Those in the education field would already be in the know of the existence of such a store (and probably many others). But I thought it might be a handy resource for some homeschooling parents, or even working mums like me.

If you’re keen for some heavy-duty educational shopping, here are the details:

– Add: Toa Payoh Lor 8, #04-06 / #06-12 Braddell Tech (Opp.Braddell Primary)
– Opening hrs: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 10am-3pm

Do share your finds! 😉

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