A date with dinosaurs at ArtScience Museum

For the first time ever, ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands introduces Dinosnores, A sleepover with Dinos.

We were invited to a media preview of Dinosnores, and decided that daddy would bring Vera on a special daddy date!

Here’s how the programme went.

7pm Interactive guided tour

dinosaurs from dawn to extinction

dinosnores engaging workshops for kids





dinosnores 3 theories of extinction

The guided tour was helpful as the guides provided insight into the many dinosaur fossil exhibits as well as the three main theories of how all the dinosaurs became extinct.
7.45pm Dinner

fried rice for dinner

8.15pm Workshop: stop motion / time lapse video

dinosnores stop motion workshop

dinosnores doodle

Here, kids were guided on how to make a time lapse video using an iPod. Vera was curious at first but she got distracted halfway and decided to doodle instead.

She drew a picture of an unhappy looking man in front of three lava and ash-spewing volcanoes. And what looked like dinosaur footprints in the ground. It’s interesting that she drew her own interpretation of what she learnt during the guided tour, i.e., that the dinosaurs could have been exterminated by volcanic activity. But instead of drawing a dino, she used a person to symbolise the unhappiness and danger that a volcano can bring. This tells me that she was listening to the guide during the tour. 🙂

9.15pm Prepare sleeping area

dinosnores sleepover

Hmm, centuries old dino bones make for a pretty dramatic bedside companion.

As Vera usually sleeps pretty early, the duo missed the Night at the museum film screening. Here they are on the foldable bed daddy brought along.

9.45pm Film screening: Night at the museum

Midnight: Lights out

Next day…

7.30am Breakfast & Workshop: Shadow puppets alive!


An ostrich shadow puppet

8.30am Workshop: A day in the life of a paleontologist

a day in the life of a paleontologist

9.15am Free and easy, photo op

Photo memento

10am Home, sweet, home

So…what’s the verdict?

Daddy gives it the two thumbs up for fun and novelty. As for comfort, he gives it one thumb. (Partially because the foldable bed he brought for himself and Vera was a bit squeezy for two.)

Tickets for Dinosnores are still available for this Friday the 21st! It costs $120 per child (only for children aged 6 to 12 years), and accompanying adults get to go for free. (Maximum four children per adult. The number of adults must not exceed the number of children per booking.) To book, please call +65 6688 8826 or visit any Marina Bay Sands box office.

If you do make it, remember to bring along:
1) A thick jacket as it can get quite cold at night.
2) An inflatable mattress (if you have one).

All in all, snoozing with the dinos makes a memorable date night adventure with dad! PS. Plus it does mean that mummy gets the whole bed to herself for one night…well almost, if not for baby josh. 😉

A date with Date with Dad Singapore 2013

It was a privilege to be able to volunteer with Focus on the Family last weekend, and to serve the dads and daughters who went for the Date with Dad brunch event at Meritus Mandarin Orchard.

The place was beautiful and welcoming. Attention had been paid to the smallest of details.

Date with Dad Singapore

Just suited for the occasion – a day for dads to romance their daughters, express his love, tune in to her heart, and affirm her true worth.

Date with Dad Singapore

The Grand Mandarin Ballroom was decked and ready to receive its guests.

Date with Dad Singapore

Date with Dad Singapore

Everything had been planned to a tee. Dads and daughters first had to answer quizzes to test how much they knew about each other.

Date with Dad Singapore

Daughters received teddy bears upon getting seated, and were also presented a stalk of rose. From daddy dearest of course.

Date with Dad Singapore

Then the emcees began warm-up games, and laughter and bustling activity filled the grand ballroom.

Dads had to braid their daughter’s hair. (Fastest fingers get to win prizes.)

Date with Dad Singapore

Daughters had to fulfill the challenge of tying a tie for their dads.

Date with Dad Singapore

Dads got to apply nail polish for their little princesses too!

Date with Dad Singapore

Subsequently, both dads and daughters were encouraged to write a letter sharing to each other, expressing their love and gratefulness. A few were even brave enough to share their letter on stage.

Date with Dad Singapore

I noticed that dads on every table were particularly attentive to their date throughout the brunch. 

Date with Dad Singapore

Towards the end, each dad took The Father’s Pledge and placed a purity ring on his daughter’s finger. It was a symbolic act that said to their daughter, “You are valuable and worth the wait.”

Date with Dad Singapore

I left the ballroom with a warm fuzzy feeling. I’m sure I had a silly grin on my face all the way to the cab stand. There was so much hope in that ballroom, so much love, so much faith…It was hard not to be infected.

All that was in my mind was a picture of all the young girls basking in the love and delight of their dads. Just the way that it should be.

I’m sure the fathers have set high standards for their daughter’s future suitors to achieve. A date with daddy is surely a date to remember for life. 😉

Thank you, Focus on the Family, for organising such a meaningful and worthwhile event!

Date with Dad – What a difference a dad makes

what a difference a dad makes
to all the world’s little girls
brought the sun and the flowers
where there might have been rain

what a difference a dad makes
when she sits on his shoulders
from here, the world’s a brighter place
for he’s her pillar of faith

adapted from “What a difference a day made” lyrics


Focus on the Family is running their annual Date with Dad event, ideal for fathers with daughters aged 10–18 years. Through something as simple as a date, daddies, you are sending your precious daughter a message that she is absolutely valuable in your eyes, worthy of you spending time with her, and modelling for her how she should expect to be treated by suitors in future.

So go on, make a date with your special girl. You won’t regret it.

Date: March 2, 2013 (Saturday)
Time: Brunch at 9.30am – 12.30pm OR High Tea at 1.45pm – 4.45pm
Venue: Mandarin Orchard Singapore
Fee: $120 per father-daughter pair (incl. “Worth the Wait” ring worth $25)

For enquiries, please contact Xingqi at Xingqi.Lu@family.org.sg or 6491 0725.

PS. Other special deals await if you would like to bring your lil’ darlings out on a date!


A note to the hubby:

Dear hubs, you’ve been such a loving and strong and big-hearted father. Vera is so blessed to have you to be her guiding light and source of confidence at this tender age. With your love, discipline, and teaching, I’m sure she will grow to fully grasp the extent of the Father’s love for her. She will know that this love would travel to the ends of the earth to pursue her. And years later, when boys start to become interesting, she will also know and understand her value as a young lady. Her value will not lie in her outward appearance. (No no, it will be much more than what the human eye can see.) Nor will it lie in her personality or wit, as bright as they may be. She will grow to understand that her value lies in her identity as a child of God and as a young lady after His heart.

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