Reflections on father’s day


“A father is a son’s first hero and a daugther’s first love.”

I came across this quote recently and thought it was so true.

JJ looks up to daddy. He wants to grow big and strong like him. (And that’s what we say when we want him to eat his veggies. Heh.)

Vera wants to him to be her boyfriend. (And I know I can’t be jealous of this one.)

The way daddy treats her will set the standard for her to know how exactly how she should be treated by her suitors.

We had a simple father’s day celebration last week, just enjoying the usual things that we do, in an extra special way. As I thought about fathers and the irreplaceable role they play in the lives of our little ones, I realised something… That despite their macho exterior, men need encouragement and affirmation too. Especially when it comes to parenting, an area where everyone is learning on our feet. Fathers need to know that they’re doing okay, and that they aren’t messing up.

If you are a father, what kind of encouragement do you crave for? If you are a mum, what kind of encouragement do you think your husband needs? Do hop over to read my post-Father’s day reflections over at Focus on the Family’s blog, and leave a comment there!

Choosing joy and what it means to me

April is turning out to be a rather reflective month for me. I’ve been intentionally reading more, which is one of my priorities this year, as part of carving and creating more time for myself.

It’s also been a joyful, happy and encouraging month. Thanks to all the photos I’ve seen under the #ichoosejoy initiative. Have you seen them yet?

As I looked through all the light and cheery pictures, I saw some common themes arising.

Many posted playful, fun-filled moments.

Loving family moments.

loving family moments

 Yummy moments. 

Beautiful and inspiring moments.

inspiring moments

Even the mundane, not-so-joyful, moments made it into the list.

And finally…heartwarming seeds-of-friendship moments.

friendship moments

If you look through the pictures again, you’ll see that they are filled with our favourite little people and places, and plenty of those warm fuzzy moments. Things that we can’t really put a price tag on, except maybe the food bit.

When I embarked on this project, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was just hoping that it would encourage others (and myself) to look for joy in our everyday moments. Even amidst the highly-stressed and fast-paced lives we now lead, I thought that surely we would be able to find something fun, funny, delightful, and joy-giving.

Just as this quote goes, “Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.”

One mum and fellow blogger commented at the start, that even though she finds that her life is not quite full of joy now, she will give it a try.( I was glad that she did, and not just one picture too.)

For me, it’s also helped change my focus from the difficult days I’ve been having with the kids. As most of you would know, life with a headstrong, I-want-it-all-NOW toddler can be quite taxing, and it’s been the case for me.

I was struggling to choose joy, and to just enjoy my children just as they are.

But as I saw the beautiful moments captured here, I was forced to change gears a little, and to look at my temporary pains in greater perspective. To look at the bigger picture.

It helps to know that I’ve gone through these pains before with Vera, and she’s now more mature, and more able to listen, more able to love and give some thought to others.

It helps to know that there are many other parents and mums like me, struggling quietly in our little corners, and yet we have that ability to choose our feelings and to let joy and hope rise up in ourselves.

This is what #ichoosejoy is really about. So thank you. And please don’t stop choosing joy, chasing it, and capturing it here.

Do connect with all the awesome mums on instagram (user nicks shown above), and hashtag your pictures #ichoosejoy to make a difference in our community. 

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