{Review & Giveaway} Tibby and Duckie by Emily Lim – a tale of true friendship

Tibby and Duckie cover

We’ve been enjoying Tibby and Duckie, a heart-warming tale of friendship written by awarding-winning author Emily Lim.

We first came across Emily’s work in Just Teddy (affiliate link). It was our favourite bedtime story for a long long while as the kids just loved seeing poor confused Teddy try to disguise himself as other soft toy animals in a bid to belong to a group. He finally finds belonging in the form of a little girl who picks him out from among other soft toys to bring home.

Tibby and Duckie carries along that same theme of friendship and identity. Unlike other ducks, Duckie cannot swim. Tibby the Tiger-Bunny tries all ways and means to help Duckie swim — but nothing works.

Tibby wonders if Duckie is a swimming kind of duck and, in the end, helps his friend discover where her true strength lies, and her identity in the process.

A tale guaranteed to warm your heart all the way to your toes, and perfect for snuggling in bed with.

Tibby and Duckie

Here are some themes you can explore with your kids through the book:

– friends help us discover who we really are, and our (sometimes hidden) potential
– it is hard trying to be someone you’re not
– friends accept us for who we are
– true friendship goes both ways

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Suitable for young ones aged 3-6 years old, Tibby and Duckie is now available in:
– Popular
– Kinokuniya
– Times Bookstores
– MPH Bookstores
– Tango Mango Books and Gifts (Tanglin Mall)
Epigram Books’ online store

*I received a copy of Tibby and Duckie for the purpose of this review. All opinions are as usual my own. 🙂

Our favourite books about bears

Today, I’d like to share with you three of our favourite books about bears.

First up, We’re Going On A Bear Hunt. This book probably needs little introduction. Most children fall in love with the book’s imaginative (almost magical) quality as it takes us through forests, gooey mud, river and tall grasses to come face to face with a… bear!

And of course, we run, together with the family of five, back through the forest, mud, river and grass.

Complete with sound effects, this book makes a great one for dramatising action and pretend play too.

I also recommend the Chinese version of the book (which we chanced upon at our local library), as it has a lyrical quality that’s on par with the original version.

<PS. If you want to buy the book from NoQstore, remember we still have a discount code for readers to enjoy 15% off! Just enter “MWPS” under the ‘Voucher and Promotion Code’ tab during checkout>

Second, a book we recently got acquainted with – The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland. We had fun making our crankiest, grumpiest faces while reading this. Here’s JJ’s rendition.

The very cranky bear

The book offers various lessons to explore, such as not underestimating the efforts of the plain and humble among us – represented by a cute lil sheep.

It also teaches about empathy. And about accepting and helping someone even if he’s acting like erm, a very cranky bear. Instead of rejecting someone like that as we are often tempted to do, it sets a good example of reaching out and trying to understand the other person and giving the help that he needs to feel better. (An apt parenting lesson don’t you think?)

The funny storyline (and illustrations) and rhythmic rhymes made the book a delight to read aloud. It grabbed the kids’ attention immediately and kept them asking questions about why the sheep did this and why the moose did that.

A simple plot that can be reenacted in your kids’ bedroom too.

I’ll definitely be exploring this book more as I think it’s very appropriate for JJ at this tough cranky stage he’s in.

just teddy by emily limLast but not least comes Emily Lim’s Just Teddy. This is JJ’s go to book on most nights, so much so that I’ve been trying to pry it from him just to get him to look at other books as well!

This is a wonderful book about a bear who is confused about his identity and feeling lonely as he doesn’t know any other toy that’s like him. He tries to camouflage /dress himself to fit in with the pandas, the polar bears, and the penguins, but it all ends up putting him in a sadder state than before. Finally he finds an owner in the form of a little girl.

She gets him professionally cleaned up and finds out that he’s a one-of-a-kind bear. He’s the perfect companion for her, and she for him.

Great for exploring themes of identity, friendship and fitting in. You could also use the book to reinforce your child’s uniqueness, and how he doesn’t have to bow to peer pressure to look or behave a certain way.

There! Our three favourite books about bears. Do you have a favourite one about bears or other animals to share? I’d love to hear from you!

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