Vera’s quotables

If you know Vera, or you’ve been following us for a while, you’d already know she’s full of funny and that she says some of the most hilarious things. I’ll let her words humour you…

One day we were playing this silly childhood game called 老鹰捉小鸡 (literally, eagle catches the chicks). There’s a role in the game called 母鸡, or mother hen, and she’s supposed to protect the “chicks” from the “eagle” by sheltering them from its reach.

Halfway through the game when I was the *ahem* mother hen, Vera blurted out these words exuberantly.


We almost died laughing.

(For non-Chinese readers, she basically said she wanted to be an old chicken instead of mother hen. And yes, there IS a difference.)


One balmy evening, after daddy turned on the air-con…

Vera: “Hey, why on air-con every day huh? Waste battery you know!”

(Duracell-powered aircon, anyone?)


Another time, we were huddling together to pray for her brother to recover quickly from his HFMD. We asked Vera to pray. This was what she said:

“Dear God,
Please take away JJ’s hand foot mouth dessert.

I think if her brother knows that his dear sister prayed for God to take away his dessert, he would probably cry.


Children are the best stress-relievers sometimes…I choose to think that she inherited her rocking funny genes from her dad (which was partially why I actually fell for him and got hitched).

This weekend, may all the funnies drive away whatever tensions you may have, and may you find lots to laugh about with your spouse, your children, your friends, or even God (I think He has a good sense of humour too). Have a happy weekend!

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