A craft and a poem for teacher’s day

Here’s a simple craft idea for a personalised photo-frame gift for teacher’s day.

What you need:

  • colourful scrap paper (I collected scrap from Vera’s previous art pieces, which they happily tore up on one occasion)
  • an empty photo-frame (I got mine from IKEA)
  • fabric washi (DAISO sells these really cheap!)
  • a quote on children and learning (I did mine with white words printed on black / dark-coloured background)
  • glue and scissors

1) First, lay out the scrap pieces of coloured paper on the glass or paper-backing of the frame, to have an idea of how the collage will look like.

2) When you’re happy, glue the pieces onto the paper backing.

photo frame craft

3) Print the quote and cut them out in phrases; glue them onto the scrap collage

4) Get creative with your fabric washi or normal washi tape.

5) And you’re done! I came up with the quote by the way, but feel free to use it if you like. 😉

a personalised photoframe

And here’s a little poem, inspired by a teacher I once had in primary school:

I once had a teacher,
whose name I can’t recall.
She was someone quite special,
she held me in esteem.

Simple primary school works of writing and art,
she read and showed them publicly.
Giving me words of encouragement
like no other teacher had ever had.

For a little girl still trying to find her sense of worth,
that teacher was priceless.

Those in positions to influence the young,
Wield the power to build a future and a destiny.

She was a funny and quirky teacher,
But she saw hope in a young child,
and set her dreams aflame.


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Happy teacher’s day in advance! Teachers, especially those of a dedicated and passionated variety, are a priceless bunch, don’t you agree?

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