Little Lessons: To be a better mum

Successful parenting means: One, becoming who you should be. And two, staying close enough to the children for it to rub off. – Anne Ortlund, quoted in Homepreschool & Beyond

Parenthood may be causing me to grow in ways I never thought possible.

(Maybe it’s because we often find ourselves in situations where we need to think on our feet, solve problems, come up with a smorgasboard of ways to occupy the kids and keep them happy.)

Four years ago, I never thought I would be a mum-blogger or writing my own online articles.

I never thought I would be designing lanternsmaking goop , gifts with recycled scrap, or attending workshops to learn about art.

So I’ve come to this conclusion…

Our children are our biggest source of inspiration (and motivation) on this side of earth. Although I must confess, more so on good days than bad ones.

When I see them running around happily, deep in the midst of learning something, exploring something they’ve never seen before, or being loving and kind to each other, it warms me to the belly. When I watch how they progress and grow, it also inspires me to be a better person for them. I suspect they are the ones who’ve taught me to appreciate beauty, nature, and creativity more.

I am also inspired by fellow mums, dads, and fellow bloggers. The love they have for their kids. Their commitment to living and eating well as much as they want their kids to live and eat well. Plus all the tricks and tools of the trade they arm themselves with to better organise their lives and their kids’. 😉

All this talk about inspiration makes me wonder: What do we want to inspire in our children? What do we want to breathe into their little lives?

Which leads me to the next question. Have I been inspiring as a mother?


Am I living my life well? Have I worked hard? Am I growing as a person? Am I successful in the things I deem most important like love, faith, and the upkeeping of family ties?

More than the latest gadgets and toys, books and whizzy educational material, I think what our children need most is to see us live life with zest and faith, love and kindness. They need to see us walk the talk, and live out the values we want to them to breathe in: things like love, determination, perseverance, courage in the face of the storm, grace and forgiveness.

It’s scary knowing that we are our children’s main role models in life. Deep down, I know I desperately need to keep growing and learning from my mistakes. I’m after all a work-in-progress…

I’m starting to start a new linky every Thursday called “Little Lessons,” which could mean:

  • lessons inspired by your kids (these little guys do teach us something or two…)
  • lessons learnt from your spouse / friends
  • things you pick up from daily parenting experiences
  • things you’re learning with your children / teaching them
  • something you read, saw, or thought about

It could be a picture post, or a wordy post. It doesn’t really matter what form it takes, the main objective is to share so that we can learn and grow together. I hope you will join me this Thursday onwards.

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Where in the world did my baby go?

Dear baby J,

This is my second letter to you. (But who’s counting anyway.)

I was prompted to write this one evening after our usual bedtime nursing session. I looked down at you as you lay peacefully drifting off to sleep, and I thought to myself:

Where in the world did my baby go?

You spent 9 peaceful months in the womb, and now it’s been 9 months in the great and wild outdoors. I know you’re having the time of your life — exploring places on all fours with that focused leopard crawl of yours, finding leverage on anything to lift yourself onto your twos, and emptying out every little drawer or container in the house. Oh and let’s not forget, terrorizing your grandma and bullying her into carrying you around for the other parts of the day. While your everyday smile, that wide-eyed cheeky boyish grin, remains, the baby part of you — your gummy grins, your botak head, your vulnerability and your soft folds of skin — is fast vanishing.

I almost sound like I’m craving for another baby, but trust me I’m not. I’m just wishing we could rewind time to a couple months back.

Not that I would do anything differently, even if that really happened.

Except maybe

I would linger more,

not rush about as much,

leave a bit of shopping undone,

just to be with you.

And watch you grow.

Not too long now till you start zipping about on your twos, demanding for your rights and entitlements in the form of fun or yummy goods, running around and having a whale of a time with your sister…and I know that there’ll be wonderful things to look forward to, to discover and delight in together.

But for now, will you excuse me for staring at you a little bit longer than usual…I just need to savour you in the present.

That’s all.

Love, mama.

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