Cool crafts in a Lollibox

A parcel arrived at our doorstep a few weeks ago, with a huge smiley face on top.

That basically sums up the mission and purpose of Lollibox – to put a smile on every child’s face, and of course, everyone knows happy kids equal happy parents. (Hmm, or is it the other way around…)

making a zoo

Vera was like ‘What’s that, mummy?’ while clambering all over me to check it out.

“Sweetie, it’s a whole lot of fun in a box,” I said, while opening up the different craft activities neatly packed into separate ziploc packs.

They offer a different theme each month, and this particular one was on animals.

I like it that there were clear instructions in every activity pack. We started with the ‘Create-a-Zoo’ one first, as it looked the most fun. Vera was very focused pressing the clay onto the board to make her animal enclosures.

making a zoo

As it was close to dinner-time, we had to take a break from the activity, and carry on the next day, which was fine and fuss-free for us (although we could tell she was quite keen to keep going).

Here’s one satisfied and happy zoo-keeper! ๐Ÿ™‚



What’s good:

  • the materials (clay, ice-cream sticks) were easy to handle, and Vera enjoyed the activity
  • she could do it at her own pace
  • kids can use the leftover clay for their own free play
  • also good as a small group activity with other kids of similar ages
  • this activity can be recycled. Just store the clay away properly and use a new cardboard the next round (because the oils from the clay tends to leave a wet mark on the board after a while). Even better, let your child come up with his/her own idea of what to create next!

What can be improved:

  • I found this quite suitable for 3-4 year olds, but for older children, it might be good to do more research and discover interesting fun facts together about the various animals that are found in a zoo.


  • I thought we could improvise on the activity by adding a drama component, e.g., by making up a story about the animals. Actually, Vera started to do this when she commented that the zebra didn’t need to be fenced in as it’s a “good zebra” and he won’t run away. It might be more interesting to weave in real facts about the animals, or just allow the child’s imagination to run wild. (pun intended)

After that activity, we tried a simple one — colouring a safari-themed photo-frame. I pretty much let Vera have free rein with it. And she coloured it the way she liked.



There was another activity pack that was meant to teach the concept of camouflage, using multi-coloured sticks. I wasn’t able to explore this activity in much detail with Vera, as each time we took the pack out, the baby brother was all eager to pounce on it, and I didn’t want to face the consequence of him swallowing the sticks, or poking me with them, so…yeah.

Overall, I like the way different activity ideas were packaged neatly into one box. I guess they had in mind to help out busy parents who may not have the time to pull together different craft activities for the kids. As Candice, founder of Lollibox, also shared:

“LolliBox was born because we realise many parents are busy and face a challenge searching for enriching and engaging things to do with their kids.ย  They know it is important, but many donโ€™t know where to begin or lack the time to gather all the materials.”

Personally, I think it’s a good way to jump-start your creative engines at home. And because there’s a new theme every month, there’s always something new to look forward to.ย (I believe the latest theme is ‘Grow, plant, grow’ theme, which looks quite interesting.) However, while most of the activities were engaging, I found some a little too structured for my liking, so I guess it’s up to us to add on new ideas to what we’ve been given, according to our child’s stage of growth and interest.

Oh yes, because it was close to Mother’s Day, we also got a bonus activity pack. Here’s what Vera did with it to cheer me up when I was having a bad day. ๐Ÿ™‚


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They will also be giving away a complimentary Daddy’s Tie Craft kit with any LolliBox purchase from now till 12th June. So be sure to check that out too.

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