The little swimmer boy

swim baby swim

So I brought little Josh out for his first dip in the pool.

A-splish and a-splash.

He was curious and calm, kicking a little here and there.

I couldn’t stop laughing because he was almost bursting out of his baby warmer suit meant for 3-6 months (at 3.5 months).

I also thought he looked quite a bit like Superman.

(Okay, more like Superbaby.)

I plan to do this with him every week or so, so hopefully he’ll be well-acquainted with the water and not afraid to try new things. I’ve also been splashing water on him every time I bathe him, and at his first dip, I dipped him under water (up until his nose) after giving him a cue: “Ready, set, go.” I was surprised to see that he automatically blew bubbles out when his mouth touched the water. Now, don’t get too worried…I don’t think I will be teaching him how to swim all by myself but I did google and find some cool videos on babies learning water survival skills. (And now I know what rubber duckies are really used for.)

On a side note, big sister has also started swim lessons. Her coach is quite cool, and the lessons are focused on getting her comfortable in the water and equipped with survival skills. And hopefully she’ll be swimming like a little mermaid soon. 😉

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