Fun facts about body odour

Body odour isn’t your typical dinner topic. Talking about it makes people squirm and smelling it can sometimes lead to fainting or gagging. Reading this probably makes you want to sniff yourself and check, or hop into the shower for a good scrub anyway.

Do you know which is the smelliest part of the human body?

Answer: Your feet.

One foot has more than 250,000 sweat glands and these produce more than a pint of sweat each day. That works out to nearly a gallon of sweat every week! (That’s just for one foot by the way.)

Here are some other interesting facts about odour:

Fact #1 – Sweat itself is not smelly. When we sweat, we attract bacteria on our skin, which combines with the sweat and produces bad smells. So blame embarrassing smells on the bacteria!

Fact #2 – Kids never smell bad. The only exception is when they just did a poop. For kids, body odour is rarely a problem until puberty strikes, and their sweat glands are activated. However, kids may have a problem with stinky feet, since it is the area that sweats most, and because feet are usually wrapped up and get to “breathe” less.

Fact #3 Smell is one of the first senses a newborn learns to use. Newborns have a keen sense of smell. Studies have shown that within the first few days of life, babies will develop a preference for the smell of their own mother, especially to her breast milk.

Fact #4 – No one else in the world has your scent. Yes, you can go ahead and celebrate your scent. There’s no one else with the same smell as you!

Fact #5 – Smells play a part in the courtship process. Scientists have found that a person’s unique scent is one of the major factors in physical attraction between men and women. Some have even gone as far as to say that a person’s scent can be more of an influence to the relationship’s success than physical appearances. Believe it or not?

Fact #6 – Your diet can influence your odour. Here are some foods that may cause body odour. Since sweat actually removes toxins from your body, including those generated through the foods you eat, then it also makes sense to cut down the amount of toxins in our body by eating healthier.

Tips for preventing body odour:

  1. Taking a shower is an obvious and immediate solution, but it isn’t always enough to get rid of strong odour, or to prevent it from returning. You may need to use an antibacterial shower gel to eliminate bacteria on the surface of your skin.
  2. Use a loofah or bath towel to clean yourself thoroughly in the areas where you are more likely to sweat often.
  3. Wear clean and loose clothing with natural fibres such as cotton, to allow your skin to breathe.
  4. Eat a well-balanced diet.

 Lifebuoy is committed to fighting body odour by educating people about hygiene and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.  

We’re going on a bear hunt this weekend

We recently fell in love with We’re Going on a Bear-hunt. The Chinese version. We picked it up from the library one morning and it was Vera’s favourite bedtime book request for many nights after.

A couple of reads later, she could recite most parts of the book, mainly because the text reads with a lovely lyrical rhythm. The sounds of slushing through the river. The scary bear moment. And reversing the entire journey because they had to run away from the bear. It is one magnetic book; all the better that it’s in Chinese because we hardly have any favourite Chinese books.

It’s also fun because during one of our walks at the park, we started to pretend that we were going on a bear-hunt. Vera had delight dancing in her eyes while we were play-acting. What added to the moment was that dear daddy had JJ on his shoulders, exactly like the picture on the book cover.

The funny thing is though, we haven’t read the original English version. I’m not sure if our experience with the Chinese one would have been any different if we had, but I’m quite sure the writer who translated it did a good job. Here is an excerpt:





It’s really simple, yet there’s room for imagination. Or perhaps it’s the simplest books that allow space for imagination to bloom?

What is your favourite Chinese book for children? Please leave a comment to share as I would love to expand on our Chinese bookshelf.

Have a lovely weekend with your loved ones. Run where your imagination takes you. A trip to the library perhaps? 😉

we're going on a bearhunt

A wonderful weekend awaits

I was looking forward to a wonderful weekend, so it’s a pity I’m kinda stuck indoors because of an imminent flu. But don’t let me stop you. Go, fly with the wind, bring the kids out and have a ball. It’s the weekend!

As I type, the kids are out at the corridor, chasing bubbles and each other. I should join them soon. Meanwhile, here’s a recap of June. June has been a joyful month, a birthday month (for me), and a funny month. JJ turned 13 months in June, and his cheeky playful self has started to manifest more fully.

He loves the playgrounds, or actually wait, anywhere where he can let loose and run and tumble about. His sister loves to jump on one of these trampoline things, while the poor fella wonders what’s going on.

Here they are, our lovey dovey duo. I love to watch them grow, and admire how the big sister adores and cares for baby bro!

Vera loves to play too, by dancing to music. I like these pics of her, they remind me of Lady Gaga.

We’ve also been painting the house red.

I decided to strip baby boy down to his diapers, so it’s easier to just dump him into the bath when he’s done. Here’s our topless painter.

Isn’t it easier when we simplify things? Strip things to the bare bottom? Until what’s left has got to be the most essential thing? I think staying home puts me in a philosophical mood. I better get out to join them now.

Enjoy the weekend!

What we did for date night

The other night, hubs and I went out for our (almost) weekly couple time. We debated where to go and ended up at our usual haunt. Mostly because we needed to get a new door stopper — to prevent baby J from squashing his little fingers. (Funny how parenthood replaces creativity with functionality and limits your geographical footprint sometimes.)

So there we were at the store, choosing our latest stash of child-proofing home items. Bought, bagged, checked.

Then we wandered around for a bit. And we walked by a noisy arcade, you know those noisy clangy places with bright lights from machines? Yup, those.

Hubs peered in and said, hey let’s go and play.

I looked at him with a face that said ‘serious?’

I followed him in, walked around, and he started to bang on the buttons of a nearby machine. I think he was serious.

Finally, we stopped at the basketball game machine, and he said ‘let’s play!’

Okayyy, was my trying-hard-to-be-enthusiastic response. My hands automatically floated up to my waist, and I thought, it’s just basketball, shouldn’t be that hard.

He hopped off to the cashier to exchange money for a plastic card. (They don’t use coins/chips anymore.)

With a swipe of the card, we were off. Hit the wall! Hit higher! He called out instructions like a coach.

We made it to the second round. (Hi-five.) And then the net started to move from side to side, making it harder to score.

Oh well. It was fun. Good exercise too.

We went on to play another ball game — this time we had to throw small plastic balls at a large TV screen to hit different targets. Our first mission was to hit the mosquitoes and  protect a baby from being bitten. (Which was naturally hilarious, given that we’re always hunting down mozzies in our own home.)

After that, he settled into a tennis game — ahh his first love. I just sat there and cheered him on.

After he finished his tennis, I said let’s go for a drink. And we walked out into relative serenity, found a cafe and ordered. We talked and shared about life / work / friends. And it was good.

We came home and I realised that it was really good to be able to do something silly, something out-of-the-blue, something totally out of character (for me at least) and something that the other person wanted badly to do.

I don’t mean to generalise but I think guys usually prefer action and games and having fun, whilst true blue girly me prefers to sip a latte and chat life. That day we did a bit of both, and it actually turned out to be good for both of us. (Okay, granted I was a bit bored halfway through the tennis game.)

But I enjoyed it, because I saw that he enjoyed it, and it somehow had that magical, reciprocal effect.

Maybe love is really about the other person.

What do you do for date nights? I would love to hear your ideas!

Let’s go out! 4 fun-tastic ideas for outdoor family play

This guest post is written by Sarah from The Playful Parents. She is a real play enthusiast, and has infected many around her with the play bug (including me). She has reminded me that life with children should be about play, so let’s not take things too seriously, starting from today.

Here are some fun and easy ideas for outdoor play. Take it away, Sarah!


Tired of your usual haunts and in need for some fresh ideas on where to go as a family? Well, here are some ideas to set you off on brand new adventures. Best of all, they’re easy on your pocket, but big on fun!

#1. Discover & Conquer

You don’t have to travel far to find fun and adventures, really. As a non-car owner, I assure you that public transport travel with young children isn’t that scary or impossible. It is actually a rather wonderful way for our children to learn more about daily life.

Be a tourist around your neighbourhood. Head out on the bus, bike or on foot. Hit a street you’ve never been to before. I would dare say all neighbourhoods have gems waiting for us to discover. We just need to make the effort to look for them.

Butterfly-spotting: Trying to stand still long enough to see the butterflies

Try these neighbourhood conquests:

  • Play Trail: Do a playground hop to check out all the playgrounds. Perhaps you’ll be lucky and see if you can find any of the classic heritage Singapore playgrounds too!
  • Food Trail: Pick a favourite food and try every stall you find that sells it. Ask for recommendations from random strangers who live in the area. Search out the must-try stalls from online food bloggers.
  • Flora and Fauna Trail: Parks are fantastic treasure troves of biodiversity and great for kids to just run about. Go bird-watching or butterfly-spotting.  Singapore’s NParks has produced several fantastic guides and walking trails for you to download. I highly recommend exploring the park connector trails. Or how about going on a hunt for these10 Trees in Singapore?

# 2. Host An Outdoor Olympics

The Terrific Tot-lympian: Trying to cross a hurdle in his path

  • Bubbles. Play Blow and Pop: Someone blow up bubbles while another chases and pops them.
  • Catching in its many variants old and new: Police and Thief, Fire and Ice.  I especially enjoy the co-operative catching games where a group has to work together against the ‘catcher’ like  Eagle Catching the Chicks ( Lao Ying Zhua Xiao Ji) and What’s the time, Mr Wolf?( similar to Grandmother’s Footsteps).
  • Ball games: Basketball, football, volleyball, poison ball, monkey ball.
  • Sack races: An oldie-but-goodie that is good both indoor and outdoor.
  • Obstacle Races: Gather some neighbours and their children to have an obstacle race! Here’s a starter planning list.

# 3. Do Outdoor Art

How about letting the outdoors inspire you and your young ones? Pack up your art materials and sit at a nearby park to draw or paint. Crayons, watercolours-in-a-box and a sketch book are easily portable. Even better, use Nature itself to create art.

Stick + Sand + Kids = Artistic Fun!

Here is more mess-free stuff to try:

  • Chalk drawing: For a twist, bring along a water spray filled with water. Spray water on chalk drawings and see how your art changes.
  • Family Profile Silhouettes: Find a sunny spot. Stick up cardstock on the wall. Stand in front of the paper. Trace the silhouette cast. Cut along the outlines.
  • Water painting: All you need are brushes and some bottles of water to paint the floor.
  • Outdoor sculptures: Gather twigs, leaves, stones and whatever catches your fancy to construct your sculptures.
  • Make a kite and fly it!

#4. Go Geo-Caching: Contemporary Treasure Hunt

Have you heard of geocaching? It’s a ‘real world’, treasure hunt game you play using GPS devices. Many cities and countries around the world have geocaches so if you’re truly adventurous, you could even do this on your holiday. Here is a list of current geocaches in Singapore. Click here to find out more about how geocaching works!

For more playful ideas, do check out The Playful Parents.

About Sarah, Family Play Advocate

Sarah is an educator-storyteller-writer turned domestic circus ring mistress. She currently runs her circus show 24/7 starring 3 males, and counting. It can be a mad yet fulfilling life. A passionate advocate for more playfulness in life, Sarah enjoys sharing ideas and resources on practical ways to live more creatively, artfully and playfully on her blog. Swing on by and say ‘hello’ to other Playful Parents like you!

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